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mdg (January 27, 2010, 12:31:44 PM):
A "Dr." Rudi Boshoff, along with his miracle QMCI machine, has been exposed as a fake.

Cape Town – More information has come to light about people whose dreams of healing were shattered by "Dr" Rudi Boshoff and some of the strange diagnoses made by him.

After Die Burger revealed on Tuesday that Boshoff was not registered as a physician anywhere, some of his former "patients" told shocking tales of their experience with Boshoff and his "miracle machine" which could allegedly diagnose thousands of conditions and treat them.

In one case, a young man's dream of walking again was shattered. Bennie Erasmus, 19, was paralysed in a car accident. Boshoff had initially told him that with the help of the miracle machine, he'd be able to walk again within a year.

His mother, Felicity Erasmus from Hekpoort, told how Bennie was treated in sessions of 30 minutes each with Boshoff's QMCI machine. Each session cost R800 and they could not continue because it was too expensive.

In response to the question whether the "treatment" had helped, she said: "I don't know. He (Boshoff) prattled on so much." Although Bennie had broken his neck, Boshoff told her that her son had "seven points on his spine that were blocked" and which he could treat.

According to Boshoff, his machine (which was apparently similar to others in the country), worked with electromagnetism and the "inspiration for it comes from outer space".

Erasmus and her husband, Ben, were shocked to hear that Boshoff was not registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa or the Alllied Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Boshoff on Monday told the newspaper that "all my patients sign a form in which they take note that I am not registered".

But Erasmus said she had never signed any form.

Neither had Ernst Britz from Clanwilliam. He and his wife Francis saw Boshoff at the end of last year in the Ceres private hospital where he had consulting rooms for two weeks.

Britz said Boshoff had told him he had a "free pass" in his car, which allowed him to drive as fast as he wanted if he was needed to perform surgery. He told Britz, as he had earlier told Die Burger, that he "performed operations in hospitals in the Western Cape".

"He had my wife and I on the machine and gave us a lot of herbal capsules. Nothing happened. It cost us R2 400. He also didn't give me a receipt."

Boshoff told Britz he would never lose weight as his "hard fat" had blocked his pores and now his body couldn't eliminate it. "Afterwards he told me that there were crystals in my body and he then destroyed them by shooting at them with the machine."

Boshoff told his wife her brain's "two lobes didn't not contain the same amount of water" and that was why she forgot so much. This he apparently also healed with the machine, but neither felt any change. Boshoff told Britz and his wife that he was a brain specialist. "I would like to warn other people because I wasted my money."

The Western Cape minister of health, Theuns Botha, said upon enquiry about Boshoff's allegation that he had done operations in Western Cape hospitals: "We have initiated a detailed investigation into the allegations and will make public all information…about illegal activities in our hospitals. If (we find) our own employees were aware of illegal practices and had not reported them, they will be charged and given disciplinary hearings. I regard the allegations as very serious."

Faerie (January 27, 2010, 13:22:40 PM):
Inspiration comes from outer space???? WTF???

Truly, why does some people become so dumb in their desperation?
bluegray (January 27, 2010, 13:31:46 PM):
Mmmm a machine from space. Can't be the same as Danie Krugel's then. He built his himself...
I suppose that QMCI machine is on mail order somewhere?
mdg (January 27, 2010, 13:39:20 PM):
I wonder what QMCI stands for - the first two letters must be Quantum Mechanics, woo woo nuts just LOVE using the words quantum mechanics to explain everything. ;D
bluegray (January 27, 2010, 14:01:31 PM):
Or quantum modulator. And I bet the C is for crystal ;)


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