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Mefiante (February 19, 2017, 19:11:47 PM):
Hey, I never meant to imply that all artists are insane, but now that you mention it… ;)

It occurred to me that actors are almost by definition people who like to be the centre of attention, and to be applauded.
It may well be true that narcissistic tendencies are more pronounced or common in artistic types. A friend of mine often says that everyone suffers much the same to a similar degree but that artists just like to whine about it more. That too may be true. I think it’s more to do with divergent basic worldviews concerning humanity’s place in nature. The extreme artistic view is that feelings and emotions are more central to being human than the cautious probing that characterises the hardened rationalist. The artistic temperament often wants to short-circuit the intellectual rigour and methodological discipline that a purely rational attitude would favour. Clearly there’s room for both approaches. The problems always begin when the two collide, as they inevitably will on questions that we humans consider to be important ones.

Seems like [fibromyalgia] might possibly be for real, but it is overdiagnosed…
Well, the medical jury is still out on that. There certainly is a real (i.e., not imagined or largely psychosomatic) collection of symptoms that currently lead to a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. However, because for now it’s a fall-through diagnosis—a sort of catch-all for when a positive diagnosis isn’t forthcoming, much like a diagnosis of “general malaise” was in the past—the technical question is whether it’s a disease in its own right, or a variant or a combination of other diseases where certain markers aren’t in evidence, or the result of certain diagnostic criteria being too rigid or out of kilter. The human immune system is at present still too poorly understood to decide how this problem is to be resolved.

Spike (February 19, 2017, 22:02:01 PM):

Just... wow. That was nasty.
Brian (February 22, 2017, 13:13:13 PM):
I suffer badly from osteo-arthritis combined with Rheumatoid-arthritis and gout so much so that I am almost unable to brush my teeth or open a can of beer (the latter being critical): the strange thing besides the aching joints for which I am constantly on anti-inflammatories and Colchicine, is the stabbing pains I get where no joints are involved and even in muscles that last for a couple of seconds then disappear. I often thought it may be some type of fibromyalgia or fibrositis but reading the symptoms that's not it. These pains are severe and move around the body at no particular time or place. The old people used to speak of "Vliegende jig" !
Spike (February 22, 2017, 14:35:10 PM):
"De jicht "vliegt" als het ware van het ene gewricht naar het andere. In feite slaan de urinezuren afwisselend neer in de verschillende gewrichten." So the fleeting, stabbing muscle pain doesn't sound like 'jicht'? 'Jicht' being gout, not arthritis. And although I am not a doctor, I do know that your condition is serious if you can't open a can of beer! (this post is not intended to make light of your condition, as a fellow osteo-arthritis sufferer you have my sympathy)
Spike (July 07, 2017, 12:25:27 PM):
Reiters syndrome.


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