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Faerie (March 14, 2012, 15:26:15 PM):
This morning I went downstairs to the clinic to receive my yearly flu shot. I've been quite good about it for most of my adult life, even though I on average still contract a good, nasty bout of flu every second year or so. My S/O believes I'm wasting my time (its for free so thats not an issue). I do know that the shot itself doesnt prevent all the types of flu flying about in any one season, and that its a guessing game all the same which one would be the most prevalent one.

I'm after opinions, your thoughts on the administering of flu shots and whether it does play a preventative role or not?
BoogieMonster (March 14, 2012, 15:38:35 PM):
My personal experience is that flu shots do just that: give me the flu. I stay away from them.
GCG (March 14, 2012, 15:49:17 PM):
i've NEVER had a flu shot. ever. i get, at best, a sore throat and a snot nose. which is sinus related. and a regular.
if i am going to expose myself to the horror of a needle, i want to leave the fight with a tattoo to prove it.
brianvds (March 14, 2012, 18:30:10 PM):
As far as I know, flu is an issue mostly with the very young and the elderly. I get a flu just about every year, and then use it as an excuse to lie in bed with a good book for a day or two. As I get older, the symptoms actually seem to become ever milder.

It might be of use to the elderly to get a flu shot, but I do not plan on doing that either. When my grandma was 84, she got the flu. She turned at death's door after it changed into pneumonia, but pulled through thanks to modern medicine. A year or two later she had a stroke, and then spent two years sitting in a chair and drooling, paralyzed but still very much conscious. How much better it would have been for her had the flu killed her, I often thought. It usually does, in cases like hers, but if you go get a flu shot, you might not even get the sniffles.

I think after a certain age it might be a better idea not to get flu shots and to cancel the medical fund. I have worked in the medical industry, and it is just that: an industry. They'll keep you alive even if you are 95, and in the last stages of Alzheimer's, because they know your heart doesn't pump blood so much as money, and will continue to pump it as long as they can keep it pumping. Well, the damn butchers aren't getting their hands on me, if I can help it.
GCG (March 15, 2012, 08:47:56 AM):
gah! when i said that the pharmaceutical industry are a bunch of vampires, i got told i'm a conspiracy slut. and here you go.


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