Homeopathy Suicide Attempt

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Owen Swart (April 09, 2008, 14:47:12 PM):
Here's the recap video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rV8O0AepbQ

If you like it, there are some more detailed videos shot during the course of the "experiment" - they're all linked to my profile on there.


CAPT Owen Swart
ArgumentumAdHominem (April 09, 2008, 18:57:59 PM):
Cool vids. :)

I see that Nervoheel has no specific warning about overdose but that doesn't matter, if it had any effect on the nervous system then we know that increasing the dose (taking more pills) should increase the effect on the nervous system until a point where the nervous system is "wrecked".

As an aside; I see it costs more than R200! That's quite a hefty bill to pay in your experiment! I'd probably just go into the pharmacist and get the cheapest thing I could find.

Also, I see the dosages are measured in "Decimal Dilutions" or D's. D1 represents 0,1 to 1 and D2 represents 0,01 to 1. This is very different from the "C" dilutions which are exceptionally clearly explained here. So when we look at inneffective dosages (i.e. dilutions which contain no atoms of the original substance) then anything over C12 is useless and anything over D24 is equally useless 1 (paragraph 5). Nervoheel lists all of its substances at a dilution of D4. Hahnemann would not agree with such a strong solution, but it appears to be just as useless as higher dilutions.

If anyone would like to repeat this experiment, please consider using only C12 or higher or D24 or higher products otherwise there may be actual side effects from large dosages.
Owen Swart (April 09, 2008, 19:11:40 PM):
Hmm... guess I did my maths wrong. Oh well... no harm, no foul :)

Actually where I bought it from, Dischem, it was around the R50 mark. Perhaps the R200 price tag is for a larger bottle? It was the cheapest Homeopathic preparation I could find. There were some others around the same price, but they weren't strictly Homeopathic, and were claimed to contain actual amounts of this or that herbal remedy measured in milligrams.

I considered taking straight Homeopathic "Coffea" tablets which available and were a little cheaper, but I decided against it, as it's not included in the majority of Homeopathic insomnia preparations, and was listed pretty low down the list of recommendations.

Also the shop assistant who helped me select them was quick to point out that she was not a qualified Homeopath, and had to consult a manual to look up the recommended preparation. Nervoheel was the first on that list (I wasn't able to see who published the list, but I suspect it was probably Heel).

I was really hoping to pick up an off-the-shelf box saying "Homeopathic Sleeping Pills" in bright colours, but Nervoheel was the closest I could get to that.
Mefiante (April 09, 2008, 19:14:47 PM):
I write this, not yet having watched the video, owing to bandwith limitations, which seems available only in homoeopathic quantities… ;D

One of the two great founding pillars of homoeopathy is that “like cures like.” So really, while this attempted suicide by a homoeopathic preparation for “psychosomatic disorders, climacteric neurosis & emotional distress” is admirable, methinks you should instead have used a 30C dilution of chicken broth. :P

Mefiante (April 09, 2008, 19:19:43 PM):
Perhaps the R200 price tag is for a larger bottle?
Surely, the smaller bottle should carry the heftier price tag?

(Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.)



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