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ingwe (October 21, 2010, 21:30:56 PM):

I had a short sharp discussion with someone who opened his spiel with the question as to my ideas on how clean ones blood is. When asked to clarify his question I was informed that many of the modern ailments that are effecting mankind are as a result of impurities in the blood and that he has the cure to these maladies including AIDs, TB, malaria, various cancers and when asked diabetes.
I asked if his cure was supplementary to my current medications or would replace them. I am on a variety of medications for diabetes, to thin my blood and control my INR due to my having an artificial valve in my heart. The MMS I was told would be all the therapy I would need. When I challenged him on these claims he at first attempted to talk over me and made a few even more unbelievable claims. He appeared to have no idea as to what INR was. When I asked for some form of guarantee that I would not be worse off than I am now he referred to some of the papers he was carrying and suggested that would be the entire guarantee needed.
As he was peddling his woo in my place of business I told him to make himself scarce. He argued until I suggested that we call to get confirmation as to the acceptance and clearance of the product by the Medical Council. He left in a hurry!! We have numbers of customers in the establishment who are known to suffer from various terminal illnesses and this vulture appears to targeting them. I have now given instructions that he be refused entry!

I have included a link. Have any of the other members here heard of this product? Reading between the lines in the link I get the impression that the claims of cures have been dismissed in many parts of the world.

xavier (October 22, 2010, 06:32:10 AM):
I first saw this guy's stuff about 5 years ago. Then he claimed to have done similar studies in an American prison. I do not buy his story as the Hydrochloric acid, the main ingredient in your stomach fluid will totally dissociate this molecule and all you will have left in your stomach is Chlorine ions and there are a lot of them there anyway, and oxygen, and in your stomach Oxygen is irrelevant. In any event, last time I looked for a client the concentration was so low that it was irrelevant. Almost like adding half a spoon of sugar to a 2l coke.

I would guess that about the only benefit you will get is from the placebo effect.
Faerie (October 22, 2010, 07:37:37 AM):
ummm.... and wtf....

Both my folks are suffering with cancer currently, and this just angers me....

You will be able to know if it is going to help you if you can continue to pass the nausea point and increase the drops. What is happening is that when nausea hits, some of the cancer has been destroyed and it is now a poison that the body can clear out. Being able to clear out this poison is a part of it. The body can clear this poison out but it might generate some nausea in the process, or diarrhea or even vomiting. That’s not bad. The idea is that as the cancer is destroyed the body must clean out the poisons. As the cancer is destroyed the body can tolerate more and more drops. That’s the indicator, is the body being able to tolerate more and more drops? If you find that you finally can increase the drops without getting nauseous it is an indicator that the body is doing it's job.
In the case of cancer, you have got to work at it. You start out slowly but increase quickly. At first you might just take the drops twice a day, but as you find you can do it twice a day without nausea, then increase to three times a day, and then four, and even as much as five times a day.

What would indicate that you are not getting well is if the body got nauseous every time you take a dose no matter what amount of dose it is, and the body never seems to be able to increase the doses without nausea. If you can take say two drops at a time without nausea and you get nausea when you go to three drops, you may have to tolerate the nausea for a short time, but if the nausea always occurs when you take three drops, it shows that you are not gaining on the cancer. That can happen if the cancer is growing faster than the MMS is killing it. There is, however, always hope. One way would be instead of increasing the number of drops, increase the number of times that you take drops during the day. Read below. There are other items that can help. Never, however, in any case stop taking the MMS.

So if there is an indication that one is not improving, then I suggest the following direction. Purchase some Indian Herb from Kathleen in texas. It costs $60 a vial and that is plenty. Phone 806 647‑1741 She has a thousand letters from people who have been helped. She and her father have been selling the Indian herb for over 60 years. When you get this herb use it with the MMS to get the best results.

4. When MMS seems to bring on any bad condition

When MMS seems to bring on any bad condition that is always a good indication as any change is an indication that MMS is doing its job which is killing bad bacteria, viruses, mold, yeast, or parasites and leaving poisons caused by the dead organisms. These poisons cause a reaction know as the herxheimer reaction.

In all cases where any negative appearing reaction takes place, immediately reduce the number of drops you are taking. The greater the reaction the more drops that you should reduce in your next dose. Start back at 1 drop or even 1/2 drop but do not stop taking the MMS. On the other hand, if possible, only reduce 1 or 2 drops. But always drop back in drops. Do not make yourself sick. There is no indication that maintaining a constant diarrhea is of benefit. That mainly depletes your system of minerals and water. Always drop back to the point where the drops are not making you sick and continue by following the normal protocol given in 2. above. Remember, DO NOT CONTINUE TO MAKE YOURSELF SICK OR NAUSEOUS. That has not proven to be advantageous.

Even when you are taking MMS in small quantities it is killing pathogens. Always stay just below the level where it is making you sick.


1. Do not continue to make yourself sick
2. Never stop taking MMS

Lilli (October 22, 2010, 08:06:23 AM):
This is an image of a model of a chlorine dioxide ion (CLO2 ). It is the secret to this new mineral. It is the most powerful killer of disease pathogens know to mankind, and that is a known fact.
From the same website link supplied above.
I am not a scientist or chemist or anything of the sort - but "known fact" is a bit of a strong statement in my opinion - I did not know that was 'a known fact'. Also interesting how it is very important that one does not stop taking the stuff - wonder how much it sells for, but not really interested enough in "miracle cures" to try and find out... :-\
Mefiante (October 22, 2010, 08:28:10 AM):
It’s also a known fact that carbolic acid is a powerful antiseptic/germicidal/disinfecting agent but that hardly means ingesting it will be good for you.



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