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bluegray (November 29, 2006, 14:31:40 PM):
A good blog post on these irresponsible and misleading products:
The Cruelty of Pseudo-Science
For the millions of people afflicted with dread diseases (Cancer, AIDS, Heart attack, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes etc) and numerous other so called “ common ailments” (Asthma, Sinusitis, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Hay fever, Skin Disorders etc) the information contained in this website may astound them. It will also bring new hope in a world fraught with expensive medicines, countless therapies and treatments!

It is recommended that you read through the entire website in order to gain insight and true understanding of a “NEW THERAPY” known as OZONE TREATMENT otherwise known as SUPER-OXYGENATION

EM (November 29, 2006, 14:42:27 PM):
Good read, is it a forum member's blog?
bluegray (November 29, 2006, 14:51:21 PM):
I hope so ;)
Stuart (November 29, 2006, 16:13:15 PM):
I am now.

Hello all, thanks for the kind words - I now have a new place to post my debunkers to.
bluegray (November 29, 2006, 18:03:11 PM):
You are most welcome :)


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