Power balance scam doing the rounds

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daviff (October 17, 2010, 20:13:42 PM):
This scam is so old it has whiskers on it.


If I paid R200 for a piece of plastic I would also say that it is working or otherwise I would gasp shock have to admit that I have been ripped off. Because I can feed myself the bracelet is working.

The good news is that the price is coming down so that it seems that the sucker pool is running dry. The promoters are doing their bit to squeeze out the last cents from the gullible.

Very sticky situation as it really tends to rub people the wrong way when you tell them they're gullible and they spent lots of money on complete BS. Even more difficult is confronting the seller who genuinely believes she's helping people.

Tell your co-workers to wait until it is 75% off - these gadgets will get cheaper.

Anyone want to buy a piece of the true cross or one of the nails I have lotsa stock?

Mefiante (October 17, 2010, 20:52:38 PM):
The standard silicone PowerBalance bracelet is presently selling at R495.00 although we have been approached to buy them in bulk (eight or more) at R300.00 each. IIRC, when first launched here in SA a few years ago, they were going at around R800.00 a pop.

Mandarb (October 18, 2010, 10:17:50 AM):
My friend plays underwater hockey, and one of these charlatans sold him one for R250. He's got too much money, he says he bought it just because the guy was so persistent, but still. He bought it for R250. Me and another friend convinced him that it's useless. Was quite surprised that my friend knew about the Aus Skeptics Applied Kineseology video.
Gotta start somewhere, friends and family is a good start.
Tweefo (November 22, 2010, 14:05:46 PM):
In this weeks local paper there is a promotional article about this bracelet. Here is my letter to the paper. Can I send it in or do I open myself to a court case?
Observer 19 November P51. “Pro Balance at MB Sports.” “Bio Energetic Holograph Disc Technology”

What bull. Here is a totally ineffective and unproven product for sale to the general public. It uses science sounding words to fool people into thinking that it must be good. You may as well put an elastic band around your arm for all the good it is going to do. In every properly run double blind test this product failed to have any effect. A double blind test is where neither the tester nor the tested know whether it is the “real” thing being tested or a control. If Pro Balance or MB Sports believe in their product they can make a cool 1 Million dollars. That’s about R7 000 000 at the moment. All they have to do is provide proof of what they claim to the JREF ( www.randi.org ). If they don’t want the money they can donate it to a charity. If their product passes this test I will humbly apologize and pay for any damages. Will they do it? I very mush doubt it – they probably make more by fooling people, shame on MB Sports for selling and promoting this scam.

Ernst Marais
Mandarb (November 22, 2010, 14:31:58 PM):
Send it, jut change mush to much.


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