Practising Mindfulness

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brianvds (July 26, 2015, 19:10:03 PM):
You're focusing on the negative. Be mindful of your thoughts, my young Padawan... :-)
Faerie (July 26, 2015, 20:31:22 PM):
You're focusing on the negative. Be mindful of your thoughts, my young Padawan... :-)

At the moment Im hard pressed to find anything positive when it comes to my studies. A load of crock and I have to plough through another 8 modules. What possessed me to start studying at my age only the venerable FSM knows.
brianvds (July 27, 2015, 05:39:54 AM):
Some years ago I started doing a post-grad diploma in education. I lasted only a few months - the field of education has been heavily infiltrated by post-modernist thought, and it was utter torture.

Now I teach anyway, without any formal qualifications in the field. If they now try to force me to do the diploma, I'll leave the field. There is no torture like having to study stuff you're not interested in...
Mefiante (August 28, 2015, 19:32:10 PM):
Ya-a-a-a-aay, something to do (for which you should not, er, mind paying others some money)! ::)

BoogieMonster (August 28, 2015, 21:08:55 PM):
Regular mindfulness practice is said to promote cognitive flexibility and help you sleep better

Oh freck no! My main problem is not getting my fucking mind to shut the freck up at night. THE LAST thing I need is MORE mind ANYTHING!

Psychology Festival

This is actually considered psychology? Edit: I mean, I already have a low esteem for the profession, but god damn that's a new low.

Johnson and Madden offer an Interpersonal Mindfulness Programme designed for coaches, counsellors, mentors and others in the helping professions

If only Julius Ceasar and Einstein and Curie had life coaches, just imagine how awesome they would've been. Alas, the never caught on to how amazingly ... Sorry I can't do it. The above sentence says everything you need to know about the "helping professions". 'Scuse me, being an MD or shipping food to famine areas... that's a "helping profession".

Mindfulness-based coaching is simply coaching that uses mindfulness as a core method in the coaching process

Tautologies are tautological.

I tried to read further, but became helplessly mindful of the current pile of bullshit I found myself in. Holy crap!


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