Rhema Thaws

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GCG (September 06, 2010, 10:51:31 AM):
maybe god is trying his damnest to kill off the bastard, and satan is keeping him alive at all costs.
StevoMuso (September 06, 2010, 12:55:14 PM):
Of course, God doesn't get the credit for giving "the great Ray" a life-threatening heart-attack in the first place.
LOL. Yes - ironic.

maybe god is trying his damnest to kill off the bastard, and satan is keeping him alive at all costs.
LOL x2. Heheh. Our beloved Ray McC does rather leave himself open for ridicule, doesn't he. Some of these over-the-top woo-nuts (like Ray) are the best marketing for a religion-free life, and they just don't 'get' it. Heheh.
Hermes (September 06, 2010, 13:28:00 PM):
Hey, there were a few members contemplating a hoax email recently. If Rhema and the largest newspaper in the country can distribute such crap, why not give them their own medicine? Anybody is welcome to suggest improvements to the draft below.

___________________________________________ ________

Rhema Leader Brain Damaged

The leader of the Rhema Bible Church, Pastor Ray McCauley has sustained severe and irreversible brain damage. This has been revealed by Dr. S. Tager Palovski, neurosurgeon at Grootte Schuur Hospital in Cape Town.
McCauley recently underwent intensive heart surgery that necessitated his brain to be frozen for ten hours. The procedure has been confirmed by his spokesman, Giet Khosa, who has been authorized to speak on McCauley’s medical condition.
“Medical science has proven that when someone has a heart attack, lowering body temperature can prevent brain damage,” he said. “So can cooling the brain itself.”
Khosa originally claimed that doctors ruled out brain damage, but Palovski has now denied this.
“In the freezing process, the blood vessels in the cortex lost their elasticity,” Palovski explained. “When the blood froze, it expanded with nowhere to go, resulting in nano-ruptures in the vessel walls. Later, when the blood thawed again, these nano-ruptures caused haemorrhage. The blood that seeped through the nano-ruptures has since crystallized. These blood crystals now cause the usual thought processes to get scattered.”
In the meantime Khoza insists that only he is authorized to comment on McCauley’s health. He has neither confirmed nor denied that Palovski was on the medical team that operated on McCauley.
Faerie (September 06, 2010, 13:34:39 PM):
You'd probably get your *ss sued Hermes, the story relates to a real person and however tarnished the guy's image are to level-headed people, his "flock" will massacre you and your family and probably burn down your house and kick your dog.

Unless you're REALLY good at covering your tracks, then I'm all for it!
Hermes (September 06, 2010, 15:17:08 PM):
Yes, one would have to initiate it carefully. I acutually don't know the kind of people who would fall for something like this, though it might be a significant proportion of the population - the kind who believed the original Sunday Times story.


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