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Rigil Kent (January 19, 2009, 08:34:27 AM):
Spent a lovely weekend camping in the Baviaanskloof. Nature, a crackling braai fire and a few friends to argue with - what more can you ask for? Not long before the topic of conversation drifted to diets and weight loss.

Steadily approaching the size of a minor planet myself, I was fascinated to hear one successful dieter say that she had lost 6 kg on a diet based on her blood type.

She said that the practitioner drew a sample of her blood, which was carted off to a lab (in the States nogal). The analyst then look at all the goings on in your sample, and based on these results they customise a diet which, if followed to the letter, result in weight loss.

Reportedly she had to cut out all starch (bread, 'taters, rice etc.). Talking through a mouthfull of marinated pork chop, I said that I'm quite sure that giving up starch will cause weight loss regardless of your blood type. I mean we are talking major food group here, the bottom 25 % of the food pyramid if I remember that Std 5 science diagram correctly.

But there is obviously a lot I don't know and understand (yet) about this diet, and there is no denying it works for some people, so I intend studying its salient points at

Anybody else found the blood type diet helpful?

bluegray (January 19, 2009, 09:44:11 AM):
I remember a few years back it was all the rage. I browsed through a book someone had on the coffee table. As I remember there were a lot of red flags and I suspected it to be just like all the other diets that promise all your dreams will come true. As you alluded to, any diet which limits your intake of food to moderate portions will result in weight loss. As you said, regardless of your blood type, eating less bread will make a difference. Unless you compensate for the gap with marinated pork chops ;)

That said, if a certain diet gets you to eat healthier consistently, why not. But I don't see why you should drag blood type into the equation, I doubt it makes much of a difference. Dressing 'eat moderate' up with some catchy pseudo scientific notion.

But you also mention that they test your blood sample and work out a diet from that. That sounds like they might test for more than just your blood type. At least I hope so, because you can get your blood type tested locally for much cheaper I'm sure.
Mefiante (January 19, 2009, 11:04:16 AM):
Wikipedia: Blood type diet.

Quackwatch: Book review of Peter J. D’Adamo’s book Eat Right 4 Your Type.

In my view, it is never a good plan to dolly up a potentially sound idea with a pseudoscientific and/or mystical cloak because doing so is nothing less than an attempt to legitimise exactly the kind of thinking and reasoning that leads in short order to woo-woo. We should always be alert to the possibility of this kind of shiftiness. An example is Feng Shui which, stripped of its mystical “energy flow” notions, is largely common sense about how best to arrange one’s house and furnishings.

benguela (January 19, 2009, 14:07:43 PM):
"Type O's should also avoid oats, wheat, and most grains, because they are all products of an agriculture that didn't exist when O's originated.
Type A's (40% of the population) evolved after the start of agrarian society and are best off as a vegetarian"

Well I'm an A but I'm allergic to most grains, those that contain gluten. Guess I'm at the end of the Type A bell curve, rotten luck. Nevertheless I'm a vegetarian, for ethical reasons. ;D

Jane of the Jungle (May 05, 2009, 23:22:39 PM):

Anybody else found the blood type diet helpful?

Hi again Mintaka, I see you have posted this already in January, I am busy studying it now, must say it is
very interesting ;) Seems like I am the lucky one, to be able to reeeaaaally really enjoy the Braaivleis :D
O Type here and always enjoys a yummy steak! Yeah and the bread and grains must go ::)

I now wonder, how many religious people believe this blood type diets? The type O ancestral prototype was a canny, aggressive predator and the first blood type. Adam and Eve apparently stayed in the garden of Eden with lotz of fruit and veggies ::)
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