The physics of homeopathy explained

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Wandapec (November 07, 2009, 10:17:01 AM):
I am sorry in advance if this gives you a headache! :P
Peter Grant (November 07, 2009, 12:42:29 PM):
There's a good article about this on Science-Based Medicine:

A Science Lesson from a Homeopath and Behavioral Optometrist
DNA (November 07, 2009, 15:51:03 PM):
Oh man!!!!

What can you really say about this?

I've been spending time watching creationist videos and though that no-one would be able to screw science up as must as they do, but I have now been proven wrong.

Very, very sad.
Rigil Kent (November 08, 2009, 17:43:34 PM):

So the energy and mass duality
explains our health and vitality
through Hawking strings
and essential things
and a drop of diluted reality

Irreverend (November 08, 2009, 19:11:17 PM):
Saw this at the JREF a few days back. What a blissfully ignorant kook is "Dr." Werner. Pity she's in a position to infect others with her variety of mental deficiency. Would it help to dilute her homeopathically?


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