Urine therapy

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Warm Lug (April 16, 2008, 17:15:10 PM):
...why you would want to endure (what I imagine to be) that vile taste...
Well put, but can you honestly say you've never tasted just a hint of surprising (not vile) acidity whilst engaged in...
.. forget it.

Urine is a good skin toner. Some lemur (or is it a bush baby?) uses it to tone the palms of it "hands". Also good for disinfecting your feet. Boric acid is better, but if not available...

Oh, and if no other aqueous fluids are available, supposedly, for rinsing spitting cobra venom from someone's eye. I did it once, and the victim didn't stop screaming with pain for at least another 5 minutes. Without the benefit of a control subject, I cannot attest to the efficacy of this treatment.

bluegray (April 16, 2008, 17:21:27 PM):
I would think that getting spit on by a cobra is bad enough already without someone pissing in your eyes as well... ok, I think I crossed some line now ;D


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