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August 08, 2020, 23:23:16 PM
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Author Topic:

Israel & Hamas

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« on: January 05, 2009, 12:38:30 PM »

This is a very old fight. I don't think there is a solution. With every new round there are some deaths. Those families feel they have to revenge it, that sparks of a new round on so on. So can't we nuke them or something? Take them all out so the rest of us can get on with it? It is like Mugabe - he will rather be in charge of some dung heap than live in a (potentially prosperous)country with somebody else in charge.

Predictions for the 2009:
1. There will war in the Middle East.
2. Mugabe,(if he stay alive) will be in power for the year.
3. Financially, I will be worse off than in 2008. (Depressing I know.)
4. I will not win the lotto (mainly because I don't play it).
5. The USA will cock up on something.
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« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2009, 10:34:55 AM »

I agree that I dont think there is going to be any solution to the conflict that
would be acceptable to modern thinking and sensibilities. Both sides seem pretty entrentched in thier opinions
and blood feuds with each other.

The issue is far to polarised on both sides and the history of both sides both before and after
the creation of Israel is pretty grim all round.

My predictions for 2009:

2009 will be followed with the year 2010
We will have rain
Mugabe will continue to make the news.
SADC will continue to do nothing about Zimbabwe or for that matter any other African Country.
COPE wont.

The second coming of black Jesus, aka Obama will not result in his followers prayers being answered. Mr T will have go to the white house and kick his ass. He will rename the white house to "The house of T" and the presidents body guards will all wear massive gold chains instead of bullet proof vests.

Rigil Kent
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Three men make a tiger.

« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2009, 14:06:40 PM »

The Afrikaans news reported earlier that students are now volunteering for enlistment as suicide bombers for the Hamas cause.

If the academic elite of a country is prepared to go to such lenghts, I have to agree, there is little hope for peace.

Prolly the most important thing one can try and cultivate is a sense of wonder. When you stand in awe of nature, there is just no way you can concern yourself with petty hatred for your fellow man.

How can the human race on the one hand be so refined that they are capable of predicting such cool things as solar eclipses to the nearest second,  while still having a foot in the dark ages?

Human heterogeneity boggles the mind.

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« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2009, 15:21:18 PM »

Maybe what we need is a common enemy - Aliens from outer space. But I don't think even that will work because some bright spark will see it as an advantage and work with the aliens.
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