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st0nes (October 10, 2013, 15:33:46 PM):
Ha I live in the free part of the country, ie the Western Cape, so does not worry me.
The N1 and N2 from Paarl & Somerset West to CT are next on the list...
brianvds (October 10, 2013, 17:32:09 PM):
I wouldn't mind toll roads in principle. But we are already heavily taxed, specifically to maintain roads. So they're mismanaging the moeny.

In short, I ain't buying shit. They can come arrest me.
Mefiante (October 10, 2013, 21:18:36 PM):
The whole e-tolling mess is premised on scare- and intimidation tactics by SANRAL in cahoots with Gauteng local authorities and a few highly placed transport department crooks. Their campaign consists of “Get an e-tag or you’ll pay up to three times as much through postal billing (while we still rake in the bucks).”

We’d rather give that money to OUTA while there’s hope that it can be thwarted, however faint that hope may be. Unfortunately, the ConCourt can only rule on the question of whether there was adequate public consultation before the project commenced. It cannot rule on whether e-tolling is Constitutional or not because that’s not a Constitutional question; it’s a question of how public funds are spent, which the High Court already (and predictably!) ruled on against OUTA.

BTW, I think SANRAL and the transport ministry’s talking heads are quite deliberately overstating how many people have already bought e-tags as a ploy to get more people to follow suit. The worst scenario for them would be an unanticipated billing nightmare where they have to despatch several hundred thousand printed invoices every month, many of which simply won’t be paid. So much easier to reach electronically into prepaid accounts or, even better, automatically into your bank account as needed.

And if e-tolling succeeds in Gauteng, do not for one moment think that such a precedent won’t be maximally milked to impose the same shameful exploitation everywhere else in the country eventually, only with greater assurance, swagger and weight. Non-Gauteng residents would therefore do well to lend their weight in resisting this bloodsucking bane.

BoogieMonster (October 10, 2013, 22:20:13 PM):
I wouldn't mind toll roads in principle. But we are already heavily taxed, specifically to maintain roads. So they're mismanaging the moeny.

The key here is that the money is not going into a "road fund", but a shared govt. coffer that is also (iow almost exlusively) funding social grants, acc. to a couple of economists I've heard talk on the issue. Result being there is no money to do the work we're paying for. Govt seems to be of the opinion that this situation is all "the users'" fault, and hence we should be made to pay again for something we already pay for, to foreigners.

What drives my mind into a tizzy is how they now claim it is "not fair" that Gauteng has it's roads paid for by "taxes collected from the rest of SA". Uh, Gauteng is a tiny little province that collects 40% (I looked it up a while ago) of all taxes in SA. IMHO we are subsidizing the rest, not vice versa!

The twist in the blade here is that the ANC claims to be all about the poor and destitute. But let's be reallly honest here, to upper-middle class Joburg dwellers this will be a bit painful, we'll be shelling out a bit more for goods, a bit more to drive our Benzes to golf clubs, but not nearly as painful as it's going to be for Joe day-labourer who will now literally have to eat less food.

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, this is the crucible on which the future of SA rests. I think if this goes forward with any degree of success the govt. will have proven they can do anything they want despite universal opposition. This cannot stand, I refuse to pay a cent. This is truly a test of willpower and I will be filled with glee if there's universal non-compliance.

As for there already being lots of e-tags out there, this is true. However what they neglect to mention is that there's already been a (also hugely contested at the time) tolling operation running on the N1 north of Stormvoël Rd. in Pretoria for years now that uses them.

cyghost (October 11, 2013, 07:41:03 AM):
The N1 and N2 from Paarl & Somerset West to CT are next on the list...
Not if you blokes don't pay! :D

Heard on the radio yesterday the DA is still fighting it though so I wouldn't be so sure.

I love the billboards put up by the DA; "e-tolling proudly brought to you by the ANC", the simple truth and yet it got their backs up ~ lol


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