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Leia (May 25, 2012, 11:26:33 AM):
... likely part of ongoing attempts to show that South Africans (especially Afrikaners) remain a bunch of racists.

In my opinion the average Afrikaner is still a racist. Yes that means lots of us aren't, but most: I'm pretty convinced.

Anybody over the age of 35 has been or still is a inherent racist. It's the way we've been bought up and as we all know, its pretty hard to rid onself of ingrained prejudices and indoctrination.

Hey, I resent that! ;) But seriously, I'm 30 and I, too, was raised in that cesspool of hate and bigotry and have to actively fight my racist thoughts/impulses.

In fact, my kids, who are still very young, still get taught that a certain colour (what the hell is that colour anyway? And why is it always included in the packet with 12 crayons?) is called "flesh" colour, except of course in Afrikaans it's "human coloured" (menskleur). So I'd argue for "all of us living in this country/world right now is and will continue to be still inherently racist, because the whole freaking world is inherently (though arguably more subtly and insidiously) racist" - though being the naive optimist I am, I am hoping that this abominable state of affairs is slowly waning with each generation.

Also, I think I prefer the "hardcore" racists. Their arguments are bullshit easily pointed out as such, they're painfully honest about their hatred and bigotry (none of that "but I have a black friend and I let blacks use my bathroom sometimes so I can't be racist! shit) and therefore they are easy to spot and avoid.

It's the insidious, "oh-but-that's-not-racist-racist, lighten up will ya" and "I-prefer-not-to-see-color" racism that's hardest to fight.
Faerie (May 25, 2012, 11:41:39 AM):
It is tough. My eldest had a "Hindu" girlfriend last year, to him the religion aspect was a possible stumbling stone and he was loath to tell me and eventually just spat it out after my constant questioning as to when we'll meet the girl. The colour (Indian - what colour are they?) didnt feature at all in his calculations.

When meeting her folks eventually (at the matric farewell), we had an embarrassed chuckle at our reactions when both parties realised what the kids were "hiding" from their folks. Both sets of parents were mature about it though, regardless of our base feelings about this "relationship". At that meeting too, the mother admitted that she doesnt have too much of an issue with them as she regarded it as a High School puppy love stage but most likely would have serious concerns in future. Racism is certainly not limited to one race.


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