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Lurkie (October 21, 2010, 21:34:04 PM):
Quoted from an e-mail sent by the Libel Reform Campaign - these are the guys who stood by Simon Singh during his libel case against the BCA:

Quote from: Libel Reform Campaign
Tonight sees the launch of the Geek Calendar, a fundraising project for the Libel Reform Campaign. It showcases 20 of the UK's geek heroes who have come together to support libel reform. Geek celebrities featured include Jonathan Ross, Brian Cox, Chris Addison, Aleks Krotoski and Simon Singh. Jonathan Ross said: “The way they are, English libel laws can be misused and abused to restrict information which may save lives, or improve the quality of life. Because of that we need to change things.” See some of the photos and buy the calendar (the perfect Christmas present for the geek in your life) here:

Check it out! Not quite Calendar Boys & Girls, but fun anyway.
GCG (October 22, 2010, 10:14:21 AM):
it's really cool. but it pains me to cough up R144 for a calender. that's, like, half a month's worth of catfood.


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