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cyghost (September 06, 2014, 23:36:23 PM):
I am of opinion that everyone knows that God does exist and will hold them accountable for things they have done.
You are wrong.
They do not like the idea that they will be accountable for their actions and the fact that there are absolutes.
You are wrong.
You can only be free once you accept Jesus in your life, otherwise you'll be a slave to the world...
You are wrong.

That is a whole lot of wrong. That must suck big time?
The Vulcan (September 08, 2014, 14:16:21 PM):
Yeah, sorry Joop, but I don't buy the sincerity of this post at all, I've seen these lines of attacks elsewhere on the internet and in the real world too.

I don't mind that it's your opinion, I respect that people can have opinions that are not the same as mine, it's when opinions are defended and treated as fact that peeves me off.

This type of trolling really only serves two main purposes, namely to witness and play the sanctimonious victim card when anyone responds with any criticism and not just nod ones head and say "amen"

I don't think religious people are at all ignorant or stupid for holding whatever beliefs they wish to hold, I think people hold beliefs for more reasons than just being convinced X god is real or B religion has all the answers.

Hate this dumb/ignorant/innocent-question type tactics believers employ to shove jesus down ones throat and come out looking like the nice guy or the innocent party or whatever hipocritical agenda they are trying to achieve
BoogieMonster (September 08, 2014, 14:32:02 PM):
*Nods head*... Amen.

But seriously, a guy lost his bananas at me a while ago, and hasn't spoken to me since, after doing exactly what you're describing Vulcan. He kept asking these "oh so clever" "innocent" questions (on a topic not relating to religion at all, fwiw) and got more and more upset every time I honestly and knowledgeably answered them with valid responses. What did he expect? Maybe he wanted me to just go "oh, yeah, I haven't thought about this at all, ever, n'yuk, you're so clever!".

Clearly that's not what happened. Every answer left him more frustrated... He started acting the victim and eventually left in a huff, hasn't spoken to me since. In spite of throwing profanity at me (not returned) and a couple of direct insults (not returned), he wants people to believe HE took the high road and I just wouldn't "get along".

I cannot count the number of ways this convinced me he isn't worth speaking to in future.
j00p (September 08, 2014, 14:44:04 PM):
All people are free to believe what they wish. Calling this trolling is somewhat biased... In my view, this was a statement made because of what was said on this forum. I do not shove Jesus down anyone's throat, if they chose Him, great, if they don't, well what can I say. But how could I not comment? One should be open minded, eat the meat, spit out the bones, that way you learn a little from everyone. My point with the "prove/disprove" statements was that if you don't know, don't judge.
Mefiante (September 08, 2014, 14:51:00 PM):
… doing exactly what you're describing Vulcan. He kept asking these "oh so clever" "innocent" questions…
This tactic even has a name. Very aptly, it’s called JAQing off. Old Tellybanana is an accomplished master of this variety of unenviable artlessness.

My point with the "prove/disprove" statements was that if you don't know, don't judge.
Oops, that’s logical fallacy No. 4. We don’t flip a coin to decide between truth and fiction.



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