Mighty Men Conference

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Mefiante (September 08, 2014, 16:22:41 PM):
Why, thank you, kind sir! :-*

The Vulcan (September 08, 2014, 16:50:23 PM):

.... hmmm now I'm stuffed... ate way too much copypasta for one day :)
BoogieMonster (September 08, 2014, 17:14:19 PM):
… doing exactly what you're describing Vulcan. He kept asking these "oh so clever" "innocent" questions…
This tactic even has a name. Very aptly, it’s called JAQing off. Old Tellybanana is an accomplished master of this variety of unenviable artlessness.

Sigh. Anyway, these people also fall into the Argument vs ARGUMENT! trap. They think just because I disagree with them I must therefore be angry. Emotions go flying everywhere... they start assuming you just hate them, personally. And the kicker is that they are the ones who keep asking questions and perpetuate the debate. You don't want to hear inconvenient truths from me? Stop asking questions. Are you getting upset by my answers? Stop asking questions. etc...

Alas, I had to hear that because I didn't just let them ask questions in a vacuum, I have "a problem with them" and that I just loved causing trouble. *bashes head against desk*
The Vulcan (September 08, 2014, 17:45:30 PM):
Maybe it's not really as much as them feeling hurt over perceived anger toward them, maybe a lot of the times it's more projection of their own insecurity issues as all faiths are riddled with internal inconsistencies and all sorts of nasties they try to argue/think (or ignore) away.

I think its got a helluva lot to do with people's expectations of what your answer is "supposed" to sound like - ie. you should affirm their beliefs, comforting them, quieting that small little voice that doubts, that asks questions and torment them at night - (you probably know this already) most religious people are like this they torment themselves about things that's obviously not very moral in the bible, they hate their own human nature (libido, masturbation, hate, anger temper, lust...)

Religion is like a drug, ever seen someone just after attending some sort church thing like a conference or a really good sermon? Their eyes are like glazed over and they're like totally on a high, right?

Here's the thing - I think deep down most people "know" (putting this in quotation marks, trying to use this word loosely and carefully to connote a sense, a feeling) that the beliefs they hold to are to a large extent (quite how large depends on how much they have considered things) is a bunch of BULL SHIT

So people go to church to take more of that drug, read the good verses over and over again to increase that dopamine levels and read the bad verses and explain/justify the problems away over and over again - as soon as someone comes and points out that the old emperror really is naked, well that's when the fears and psychological problems that religion creates comes out

I think religion is a lot like that what-you-call it?... battered wife syndrome, there's a better term that escapes me at the moment
BoogieMonster (September 08, 2014, 17:58:15 PM):
I think religion is a lot like that what-you-call it?... battered wife syndrome, there's a better term that escapes me at the moment

Stockholm syndrome?


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