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Mandarb (April 28, 2010, 10:48:38 AM):
Watookal, you're best bet is probably the Centurion bookstore.
StevoMuso (April 29, 2010, 23:43:49 PM):
I went to Exclusive Books in Kollonade yesterday to look for this book. They didn't have it on the shelves. The idiot I asked for help was wearing a white T-shirt with a big liewe jiesus cross on it. Inside the cross was some psalm, I didn't really read it. He was quite friendly at first, but after looking up the book on their system his face changed and he replied that they don't have it in stock; and he doesn't know when they'll get it. He also said he can't check at other branches because their system is down. He referred me to another bookstore.
I tried a couple of other bookstores as well. Funny how bookstores all have a Christian and a religion section. Is Christianity not a sub-section of Religion? Anyhow, I know I can do the Kalahari or ordering thing, but I enjoy bookstores, so I'll keep on trying.
My apologies for only getting to you now - my music takes me away for days at a time sometimes.

It's only Exclusive Books that keeps my book at the moment in SA. And the only branch to actually keep stock is the one in Centurion Mall - it's R102.00. You can order it at other EB's but it costs R160.00 to import one at a time. If their system had been up you could have ordered a copy from Centurion. I have been fighting EB head-office on this issue for some time now - I really apologize if you were inconvenienced.

A friend of mine ordered it from and it arrived at her door in 6 days (with postage it came to R150.65).

BTW - my book got into the top 1/4 mil on Amazon (it was rated 244000 a few days ago) so it's doing REALLY well in the USA and Canada. I'm starting to get emails from Australia, USA, Canada, UK and even Sweden - coooWELLL. It's really exciting. And I've got an article going into Freedom From Religion Foundation's newspaper next month with distribution throughout the USA - it's very exciting and encouraging.
Irreverend (May 05, 2010, 22:34:45 PM):
I got my copy. And a quiz by the sales attendant whether I knew you, Stevo.
StevoMuso (May 05, 2010, 23:04:07 PM):
I got my copy. And a quiz by the sales attendant whether I knew you, Stevo.

Dude ... thanks. My daughter tells me she went in to EB on Saturday and they have sold out. CooooWELLL. This helps EB see that my book will sell if they order copies for each branch - which is my next goal.

Thank you for your support Irrev, please let me know what you think of daBook. Maybe we can "do coffee" if you're in Pta because you sound like the kind of person I would like to know.
Irreverend (May 10, 2010, 08:41:09 AM):
Stevo, I haven't started your book yet. A few others to finish first. I'll try to make one of the SITP's one of these days soon when the craziness subsides a bit.


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