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September 26, 2020, 20:18:12 PM
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Author Topic:

true acts of kindness?

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Description: re - Haiti earthquake
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Stevo Muso
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« Reply #15 on: February 15, 2010, 15:48:45 PM »

You get some strange forms of this: Some aviation people I know are quite involved in the "Young Eagles" program. What they essentially do, is take children from needy areas and take them out in their own airplanes, at their own expense, for a flip or so. Cool idea? Wellll.... many middle-class children are avid aviation enthusiasts, and never get to take to the air because it's just too costly, they also aren't deemed "needy" enough for these kinds of programs. Whereas random kids from a disadvantaged community may or may not have an interest, or the passion to take on aviation as a career. I often feel programs like this focus on the wrong people.

Can't they run some kind of competition to test which kids are genuine enthusiasts - then take the winners up without looking to their station in life. But then that wouldn't be charity any more, it would be encouraging kids who may one day become aviators themselves. MUCH better use of their time and money and no longer in danger of being wasteful altruism.
NP complete
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« Reply #16 on: February 15, 2010, 17:20:22 PM »

I would contend it's not a charity to begin with. Also, I think those involved don't want to go through the effort to find more suitable candidates. It's much easier to send a bus to a squatter camp and pick up some random kids. A trend I realise is on the up and doesn't make me feel warm in my happy places, it's done more to appease the people doing the giving than the people receiving.

If I can pipe up on another topic: The whole "Toy run" thing also gets to me. Take money, buy food. Some soft toys are nice pressies for poor kids. But I feel they need a lot more than a teddy bear!

I guess that's why I'm a bad altruist, I'm far to likely to start questioning the process. I actually give money to a church, where I'm personally aware of people who are on hard times, and get helped, and I've seen the effects on those people's lives. "What?! An atheist donating to a church?!" Yeah, you heard me.
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« Reply #17 on: February 15, 2010, 19:50:15 PM »

All I can think of is an act that a parent would do for their child. Probably the ONLY instance that something would be done selflessly.
That's one view. Another is that a child is an extension of the self, one's only shot at immortality. In that view a parent's actions for their child isn't selfless.
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skeptical mantis is skeptical

adele horn
« Reply #18 on: February 16, 2010, 11:54:00 AM »

may I, perhaps fall form the closet with something a bit different.
when the Tsunami struck, when Haiti happened, the world scrambled to get their shit together, and donate gazillions to aid these poor sods.
But these governments, these people, live in their own countries.  where there, too, is poverty, and illness.
I only have to drive 10kms in any direction from midrand where i live, to encounter people living in shacks.  and if I had the balls to drive into the townships, I would see even more hectic stuff.
Why is it, that we as a people, our governments, our churches, businesses, etc, is up in arms, and ready to rock and roll when something big happens in where-eversville, but we are very much aware of our own people's suffering?
the only charities I help, is animal charities. simply cause these animals are here cause we are too stupid to just have left them in the wild in the first place.
these millions of rands and dollars, that are suddenly here?  where was it before?   why cant we give it before, for the kid who parents both are dead from aids?  or the poor oke from zim, whose got buggerall to show for an entire life's work?
why are our wallets suddenly bursting at the seams, to help whatshisface in haiti, when we choose to ignore the poverty in our own backyards?
and africa is allways kakking off somewhere.  ironically, in december, there was like loads of earthquakes in Malawi, I didnt even hear of them on the news.  And yes, okay, how many thousand people died in haiti.  but how many thousands of people die per year of malaria?  starvation, aids, tb, you name it. 
hey bastards. throw some of that cash in their direction!
if the people die slowly and quietly, then there is no publicity.  if you want to reach the newspages, die in thousands, and make a scene of it.(it would be cruel to obviously say its their fault, im just saying, media only notices your death if its newsworthy)
if i had to off myself quietly in my apartment, i doubt the newspaper would even publish my obit.  but let me off myself, my animals, the landlord,my boss, the gardener and my ex, then i would be in Die Beeld and on E News guarinteed.
WTF is wrong with the world? Huh?
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