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nevwhy (January 28, 2010, 17:17:47 PM):
Hi All
A guy by name Steve Hurlin who I recently met playing guitar and vocals at The Grove Mall in eastern Pretoria, had a book published in New York 2 months ago called "Courage to Doubt". Foreword by Dan Barker of the Freedom from Religion Foundation. It is about Steve's de-conversion from religion over ten years ago, having been a missionary for many years prior.
I got a dozen or so like-minded friends together on Tuesday evening where Steve chatted about the writing of the book. It was wonderful for everyone from 21 to 70 to meet each other. It formed the perfect opportunity for a bunch of rational thinkers to get together and chat. We want to meet at least every second month. Other rational thinkers in Pta are welcome to contact me.

Steve does not have spare copies - the book is available at and My copy is on order.

By the way, this is not just a promotion of the book and I am not Steve in disguise. I was prompted to make this post by the reminder to renew my membership of this forum which I will try to visit more often in future.
Cheers - Neville
rwenzori (January 29, 2010, 05:03:56 AM):
I see your mate Steve has posted on the forum. Good to meet you both.

The blurb on Amazon about his book looks interesting:
Courage To Doubt starts with a chapter entitled, 'Journey to Freedom'. Originally written as an essay in September 1997, it has been adapted for this book as an account of the author's conversion from Christianity to atheism, his journey to intellectual freedom. Other chapters include: • Baloney Detection Kit: Train Your Brain. • Spot The False Argument: Train Your Brain More. • The Christian Argument, debunking the 3 pillars of faith. • Morality Without God • Moral Models In The Bible • The Godless Life

I'd like to check out the Baloney Detection Kit to see how it compares to my own Crap Detector and my trusty E-meter. ;)
Mandarb (January 29, 2010, 08:47:23 AM):
Hi Neville

You guys should check out the Skeptics in the Pub meetings as well, the Pretoria one is beginning to get on track.
Facebook Link, and the thread on the forum.

I'll have a look if I can find the book next time I'm in a book store.
StevoMuso (January 30, 2010, 01:54:49 AM):
Good to be on board. Thanks for the interest in my book. It can only be ordered via or at this point. It is also available through Exclusive Books but only as an import (takes about 3 weeks to arrive). I am currently looking into getting it properly distributed in South Africa so we can all see it "on the shelf". Unfortunately no SA publishers wanted to touch the book because "we serve God and want nothing to do with you or your atheistic book." Sooo - I published in New York, what the heck. Now I want to get it back into SA for our beloved SA readers (he he) and I seriously appreciate all the folk who have been helping so far. Wanna get a Pretoria pub thingy going again? Sounds like fun.
Peter Grant (January 30, 2010, 11:42:07 AM):
Unfortunately no SA publishers wanted to touch the book because "we serve God and want nothing to do with you or your atheistic book."

That's so depressing, they actually said that? Which publishers did you try?


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