Racial tensions just another blame-game

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Faerie (April 07, 2010, 15:45:36 PM):

Shite, I just realised, its Siener van Rensburg (not Marais) - hey, I'm not into this crap, so just shoot me....

Have a squiz here:




Gosh, a quick google came up with a HUGE amount of forums discussing this man's "visions".... eish... :-\
GCG (April 07, 2010, 16:05:47 PM):
im not gonna even look at those, they get my blood pressure up, and then i want to comment on stuff, and before i know it, the it department blocked my internet.
so, i deduce, being an afrikan dude back in the, he was a church-going fella. and, as i saw conveniently when i was taking the mickey out of our favourity gay troll, that the bible actually has a very strong stance against psychics. so he was sinning in the first place for dabbling in that stuff.
and, if im not mistaken, loads of people met untimely ends cause they could see the future, or tell fortunes.
while i do believe that some people have an honest to goodness gift, i think, that if you have that gift, you dont go making a fuss of it. and sure as hell dont charge for it.

this old ballie, i scheme, was brewing peach mampoer in the cowshed, took a swig, and took up the pen. who else is there to say it was not so?
back in the day, how accurate was mental assesment, the duck could have been chatting to bob marley via mind-wire.

i think, too, this guy has been applied to any and all fear the white afrikaner nation has faced, and scared the living shits out of families. i can remember hearing this story when i was younger, and was kak-scared, and was envisioning being slaughtered in bed. (i sleep with a big-ass knife under my pillow now, and honestly, i am more likely to be shot on the street for my cellphone).

its sad, that people run with a story, and scare the kak out of people. i liken it to these stupid chainmails, showing the poort onderstepoort supposedly slaughtering horses. everyone sends it on, and are up in arms, when you dig into the story, its a complete ball of shit.

i wont spend my time researching this night of knives kakka. im to busy with tectonic plates and subduction at the moment. more likely to wipe us all out in a foul swoop.
BoogieMonster (April 07, 2010, 16:47:46 PM):
and, if im not mistaken, loads of people met untimely ends cause they could see the future, or tell fortunes.

Well, unless your vision is a dream and "God" helped you deduce it's meaning. Then it's OK.
Jane of the Jungle (April 09, 2010, 16:28:30 PM):
If he defies the court order, he’ll be charged with contempt of court, which is a serious offence. If he defies the ANC’s order, he’ll no doubt be awarded another big construction tender ― for building the future… ::)

Malema is aiming for gold! Ghee, no stop to this one >:(


Like someone has mentioned, would the ANC still have been this patient if the situations was switched? ......dont think sooooo!
Mefiante (April 09, 2010, 16:55:05 PM):
Statement by the SA Institute of Race Relations on the ramifications of the killing of Eugène Terre'Blanche.



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