Racial tensions just another blame-game

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Lilli (April 06, 2010, 15:29:52 PM):
The front page of the Pretoria News yesterday showed a Jewish and a Nazi flag with writings on among flowers and teddy bears being placed at the gate to recently murdered Eugene Terre'Blanche's farm outside Ventersdorp. This morning AWB members pitched up at court with the old South African Flag and sung 'traditional' Afrikaans South African songs (specifically, Die Stem) creating a bit of a stand-off between the white AWB supprters and the black farm workers who also congregated there. The AWB and many people who do simply not supprt the ANC have said that ETs murder was politically motivated and as a result of Malema's 'kill the boer' revival. Yet the AWB still swing the aprtheid flag? They don't see the irony in this?
Racial tensions are apparently running very high, but we have not seen significant consequences of these events on the stock market, just about every political party in SA has appealed to the ordinary citizen to remain calm, to not get violent, and that revenge is not the answer here. The message is clear - this murder was a crime, that will be punished in due course, and not politically motivated. My first question when I read about the shitfest was: "which incredibly stupid black man would work on Eugene Terre'Blanche's farm?" The boy and man was clearly incredibly dense, desperate or sadistic. What a mess...
Mefiante (April 06, 2010, 16:08:39 PM):
Since the news broke, we’ve waited with not-quite-bated breath for the conspiracy nuts to start coming out of the woodwork. These events are tailor-made for all kinds of plots of intrigue. One need not think very hard to weave several different tales of nefarious scheming by assorted interest groups.

It’s just such a great pity that these happenings are so extensively divisive and that they are being aggravated by Malema’s deliberate provocations.

BoogieMonster (April 06, 2010, 16:13:05 PM):
If the plan of Malema and his buddies is to continue promoting racism in this country, then I'm afraid racism is exactly what they're going to get, and the real losers is ALL OF US. This may be what they're shooting for: If I were Malema, and I wanted to make absolutely sure something I said was broadcast as far and wide as possible, I'd also say it at every opportunity and as controversially as I possibly could, making sure there's lots and lots of camera's and reporters about. Wouldn't want people thinking what I have to say isn't newsworthy.

I looked at the photos of the farmhouse on News 24 this morning. It doesn't look like ET was exactly flush with cash....

and Mefiante: Yeah, I hadn't thought about that, now the whole white genocide theory is going to blossom again. (I forgot the name they had for it?)
Reaver (April 06, 2010, 16:19:27 PM):
it is always sad when someone is murdered, especially as brutally as ET was.

I have overheard a lot of conversation over the past few days where white South Africans are fear mongering. It is really really sad that people can take 2 assuredly unrelated things and link them together they they are. As South Africans, we have all worked hard over the past 20 or so years to bridge gaps between the races, and really seemed to be getting somewhere. Things like this are not helping. And neither is JuJu with his constant taunting. The real sadness is that there are people actually paying enough attention to characters like this, and giving them relevance in this country to begin with.

I agree that the irony is there, but lets bear in mind that it could be a purposeful show because of the whole "kill the Boer" debacle?

As far as the "Wage negotiations" story goes, I don't know that i buy it. I don't mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist of any kind, but it seems suspect to say the least...
Mefiante (April 06, 2010, 16:26:50 PM):
Yeah, I hadn't thought about that, now the whole white genocide theory is going to blossom again. (I forgot the name they had for it?)
Try here and here to see just how foolish such a resurgence is likely to get.



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