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cyghost (February 01, 2013, 13:32:42 PM):
Anyone seen this?

Saw it yesterday and then had to watch it a second time. Blew my mind!
st0nes (February 01, 2013, 14:12:58 PM):
Scallywag and I watched it twice as well--some tears shed on both occasions. It reminded me of my early days, and I had introduced the music to Scallywag when we started dating about 13 years ago, so even though 'cold fact' came out at about the time she was born (I was in the army, I think) we listen to his music often. The movie was a higher budget remake of an earlier documentary flighted on M-net a few years ago called, if I recall correctly, 'Searching for Jesus'.

It's such a pity that the music industry so cynically took advantage of a naive artist.
cyghost (February 01, 2013, 14:43:24 PM):
The dude from Sussex records in the movie was quite a sly fox, so I won't be surprised if the money ends with him. I will also not be surprised if (some of) the money didn't go much further than the three South African record companies either.

But strangely the Sussex dude was right, it ain't (so much) about the money. It sounds like Rodriguez is doing fine and still giving the money away, still living in the same house. It is a blooming real life fairy tale.

I'm so making my (Korean) wife watch this! :D

I see he has been on Leno and Letterman and 60 minutes now, plus a possible academy award for the movie and he is playing gigs in America. He gets his dues which is awesome. Talk about a prophet not recognized in his own country!

The irony here is that he was probably not big in America because of racism and big here because of racism... something I cannot back up with anything other than a feeling and a suspicion so take that for what it is worth, which is nuffin >:D

I tried to get tickets for his February show but they are all sold out..
st0nes (February 01, 2013, 14:47:57 PM):
They've been advertising that they're putting on an extra show or two (in Cape Town). I don't know where you are, but they may do that in your area too. I can't go to concerts on account of my ochlophobia, but I can always listen to the music...
cyghost (February 01, 2013, 14:57:29 PM):
in Cape Town so I'll check it out for sure.

never been to any show really, my favorite artist (if I have such) Bon Jovi, is coming to South Africa and I only gave it a cursory thought to actually go see them. After the movie I made a serious attempt to buy a ticket for the Cape Town Rodriques' show, this story stirred something in me ;D

btw the lady at the censor department or whatever it was called, was quite funny. She couldn't say drugs!


I recommend this movie to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.


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