Transgender school children

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Faerie (December 09, 2010, 12:43:08 PM):
Well, this is interesting:

Support for transgender pupil
2010-12-09 11:03

Johannesburg - School children must be supported in their right to a preferred sexual orientation, the Eastern Cape department of education said on Wednesday.

"There is an urgent need to advance a transformation agenda that addresses all matters of common social and cultural understanding... The Constitution is the supreme guiding document," said the department's superintendent general, Modidima Mannya.

His statement follows a report in the Daily Dispatch on December 5 of a transgender pupil at Cambridge high school in East London who was forced to leave the school because he was not allowed to wear trousers.

Mannya met with the school's principal, Grassey Buitendag, on Wednesday.

"Born a girl, the Cambridge teenager - who now identifies himself as a boy - tried to swap his school skirt for grey trousers but was not permitted to do," the newspaper reported.


The teen is planning to leave the school at the end of the year to join another institution. "This after the school told his mother that if the teen could not adhere to school rules and code of conduct, the parent should 'consider the option of an educational institution where the wearing of a uniform is not part of the tradition of that particular institution'," the report said.

Mannya apologised for any hurt that may have been caused by the incident and said that arrangements had been made "in the best interest of the child in the current circumstances".

He did not go into further detail about what the arrangements were.

He said the "right of this child to her preferred sexual orientation" must be asserted and that other children in similar circumstances must be supported.

Recommendations would be made to the executive council responsible for education on a process required to address transformation issues in schools, he said.

The term "transgender" was the state of a person’s "gender identity" not matching one's "assigned sex", and gender talked more to the role one chose to take in society as opposed to sexual organs.


Hermione (December 15, 2010, 12:56:16 PM):
It's all well and good for the school to support the child, but I can't help wondering how the other pupils treat him. Surely there must be teasing and bullying. School life muct be hell for children like these.
Watookal (December 15, 2010, 14:43:15 PM):
Transgender? Is this what we used to call a tomboy? Where is it going to pee, and what will the other students think of sharing a bathroom with it? Where do you draw the line? And why are things so complicated nowadays. Why can't it just be a tomboy, a girl who likes kleilat gooi and go-carts.

a useful tip
Hermes (December 16, 2010, 21:46:43 PM):
Empathy aside, gender remains a physical attribute (like eye colour), not a state of mind, and the SAPA report fails miserably by not making this distinction.

Mannya would do better attending to the dire need for classrooms and qualified teachers in the Eastern Cape rather than embroiling himself in such a preposterous form of "transformation" for the sake of point scoring.

Equality does not imply society bending over backwards to accommodate the whims or preferences of a pupil.

kollectiv (December 17, 2010, 16:22:35 PM):
Where is it going to pee, and what will the other students think of sharing a bathroom with it?
It? Some tortured child identifies with the male gender, and he's an "it"? And why can't anyone at a high school wear pants if they want to? Our local branch of the govt secondary education infrastructure fought letting girls who wanted to, wear pants - and lost, big time. And they still identified themselves as girls.

And for that matter, one kid from just a couple of years ago is having gender reassignment surgery - how much easier for her if she had been allowed to be a she, at school?


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