TV License - do I stick it to the Dragon or ignore?

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brianvds (July 18, 2017, 11:41:37 AM):
What few people know is that SARS has been "taxing" all PC monitors as TV's all this time, you know, to protect the booming local television manufacturing industry. Of course, there were ways found to pay the tax and simultaneously not pay the tax. Now, nowhere does it say any of this money is earmarked for the SABC, or any local stimulus other than filling govt coffers... which seems super likely to be the true reason this tax exists. It just goes to show once again that to the govt you are a cow and any teat that can be milked, shall be.

SABC has been on my case lately about my license too. Guess a duel shall be requested when the time arrives. :D

I for one didn't know about the monitor tax. On the whole I actually don't even care that much either - it's a once-off tax. If they put the same kind of tax on TVs and I wanted one, I'd pay with a smile. But I ain't paying a monthly fee to rent my own fucking monitor. What do I get in return? For municipal taxes you get certain services in return. Same aught to count for monitor taxes. So tell you what: I'd happily pay a monthly monitor license if I get proper broadband internet in return.

What I find really galling is not so much that I have to pay tax, but that, despite the fact that something like 5% of the population is carrying the entire 95% of the rest through taxes, that same 5% is routinely demonized as "monopoly capitalists who won't share their wealth." As if people who hand over 40% (or whatever the maximum rate is nowadays) of their income to the poor and downtrodden are not sharing.


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