Woolies bans Christian magazines

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GCG (October 26, 2010, 11:29:39 AM):
some new news:

A controversial article in a Christian magazine may have been the reason why Woolworths wanted to stop selling religious magazines.

Other role players also speculated that two articles in this magazine were responsible for giving offence. The articles were about the subject of “Judaizers”.

Judaizers are Christians who observe certain Jewish customs, like having the Sabbath on the Saturday. The articles, written by a missionary Dr Peter Hammond, described the behaviour of Judaizers as “unchristian”.

Mefiante (October 26, 2010, 12:04:21 PM):
Yeah, you can see the problem clearly now. With so many thousands of false flavours of Crushtianity, we have to trust someone like Peter Hammond to sort it all out for us. I mean, the man has such an unblemished record of unassailable correctness that even Ray McCauley is reduced to blushes and stammers by Hammond’s illustrious and infinitely virtuous presence. The real trouble with the Crushtian god, though, is that he thinks he’s Peter Hammond.



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