Anger mounts over Zapiro cartoon

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bluegray (May 24, 2010, 11:12:26 AM):
The second one I think is quite old, probably a rerun...
GCG (May 24, 2010, 12:27:05 PM):
sorry dudes, i would like to throw a spanner in the works here.
the islam-punters dont draw old muhammed themselves, coz the dude himself said, that they arent allowed to draw him, lest his image be idolised. i appreceate the idea, and give them kudos where due.
now all religion is bollocks, but i think zapiro was maybe poking a bit too hard. the fact that muslims dont draw mohammed, and then would like other people not to do the same, can surely be respected.
if old zaps had to draw jc shagging mary, then the xtians would be up in arms as well.
i can absolutely appreceate the humour. but i think it was a little in bad taste.
Mefiante (May 24, 2010, 12:42:46 PM):
… i think zapiro was maybe poking a bit too hard. the fact that muslims dont draw mohammed, and then would like other people not to do the same, can surely be respected.
I disagree. Ridicule is the only sane response to the patently ridiculous. And as long as people continue to bow to the indefensible demand that the beliefs of others be respected, so long will religions continue to pursue and accumulate political favour. The sooner they learn that their inalienable right to believe does not include automatic protection of the content of their beliefs, the better because it opens the door to the possibility of free, open and constructive dialogue. Suppression does just the opposite.

GCG (May 24, 2010, 13:01:42 PM):
like i said, all religion is bollocks. and islam sure has its collection of stupidities and horrors it carries. but the thing is, its not just the imam's throwing toys. there are people who are genuinely hurt and saddened by a cartoon like that. i totally think its hilarious, but one needs to practice a bit of retraint and respect as well.
as much as we get up in arms when the xtians have posters that imply that one cannot be good without god, as we expect them to give us our place in the sun, we must b3e sensitive to other people's beliefs.
as much as we can go tell people our views, and help them along if they wish to be free of their religious shackles. we have no right to shove their faces in the mud, cause we think its silly.
i have no restraint about woo-woos who put themselves out there, and make themselves available to my ridicule. but i dont deliberately go out and sit eating bacon on the kerb in front of temple. that's quite immature and selfish.
and as much as islam has its quota of woonuts out there, it doesnt give anyone a right to take the piss, especially about something so very much ingrained in their religion. rather take the piss about the bombings and the treatment of their women. drawing mohammed, is just causing kak without any real result being achieved. apart from causing unhappiness all round.

just cause im an atheist, doesnt make me an insensitive douchebag with no respect for other people's beliefs. if they want to pray to allah, they are welcome to it. there are millions of innocent muslims in the world, that doest deserve to see their prophet depicted like that. and as much as i agree that religion needs to be rooted out, insulting and upsetting the followers is not the way to do it.
Hermes (May 24, 2010, 13:29:39 PM):
Why on earth should we respect ridiculous nonsense? If the ANC Youth League feels "hurt" when cartoons of wee Julius are published, does that mean that cartoonists should desist? Why have a different criterion to measure religious cartoons?

What is at stake here is freedom of expression, and if cartoonists have to hold back just in case someone's feelings may be hurt, it would indeed be a serious setback for media freedom. That is what this drawing Muhammad day is all about - proving that journalists will not allow Muslims to intimidate them.

It has my full support.


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