Boobies on TV

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rwenzori (May 11, 2011, 19:16:01 PM):
I don't care at all if people want their news reported in the flesh, as it were, but the whole concept is rather bizarre to me. "Check this clip of the taxi full of schoolkids after it pranged the bus head-on. Look at the body parts strewn across the tar. Have you ever seen so much blood? BTW how do you like this new tattoo on my pert little arse?"

st0nes (May 12, 2011, 06:44:23 AM):
On any other day I would agree with the above. But I'm feeling a bit contrary today, so I'm playing devil's advocate.

As one group has no right to impose it's restrictions on another. Is it not then true that no one group has the right to impose it's lack of restrictions on another?
No, but no one is forcing you to watch it if you find it offensive. You still have choice. The banners want to remove your choice by forbidding everyone from seeing it.
Faerie (May 12, 2011, 07:21:38 AM):
Prof Amanda Gouws of the department of political science at the University of Stellenbosch has said that news is serious business.

"Constant exposure to nudity lead to men viewing and treating women as mere sexual objects," says Gouws.

I'd like to see the facts supporting that though.... (wtf!!)

Yar, and on the headlines of the Beeld today:


So who is objectifying women - boobies on tv or the religious conservative?

BoogieMonster (May 12, 2011, 09:47:46 AM):
You guys just won't let me argue the opposing side badly. I guess I just don't believe in that argument enough... But I WAS hoping to hear a better argument for the other side from someone else, oh well.

Me, I'm of the opinion people should be able to walk around naked on the street if they wish. Maybe not an entirely good idea for those who look bad enough wearing ski-pants (usually those who are the last people that should).

And to maybe engage in a bit of TMI, but I would love to watch the news being read by nekked chicks. I mean just think about it, it's the ultimate in time optimisation! You can roll two evening activities into one! Hopefully freeing up some more time to do the dishes! (Hopefully after washing your hands. >:D )

Sinodegangers het ’n video gekyk waarin ’n sielkundige wat in Kaapse voorstede soos Durbanville en Welgemoed werk, vertel hoe fisieke en emosionele geweld teen vroue in sessie ná sessie met haar kliënte ter sprake kom.

Hulle is byna almal lidmate van die NG Kerk en baie van die mans speel leiersrolle in hul gemeentes, het sy gesê.

Isn't it interesting how those who are usually first to object to something, are almost certainly guilty of it? It exposes the religious schpiel as based almost entirely on that concept....
"I would not be able to stop myself if God wasn't watching me, and there weren't strict rules, (even though that doesn't seem to work but....) therefore you can't either."

It makes perfect sense, these blokes have seen their wives naked thousands of times and ended up abusing them. I mean surely correlation is causation in this case!

ps. I'm never sarcastic.
Faerie (May 12, 2011, 10:43:01 AM):
ps. I'm never sarcastic.



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