Boobies on TV

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GCG (May 11, 2011, 16:36:25 PM):
people make such a fuss about nakedness, that kids think there is something wrong with their bodies, that it shouldnt be shown.
in afrikaans some people call it 'die verkeerde plek'. (wtf!!) it's the 'nether regions', 'down there'. i have yet to see a parent telling their kids that their genitals is beautifull and something to be proud of.
when lighties have a hard-on, they get lambasted. when little girls discover they have a vagina, they get a hiding when they want to explore it. i mean, really!
sexuality and sexual identity seems to be such a terrible thing. mind-sets like that makes the porn markets boom, and kids look for crap in the internet on the sly, instead of dad giving his kids stuff to look at, because they are educated and enlightened.
instead of mommy and daddy having sex on the sly, talk openly that mommy and daddy loves each other. makes a helluva difference in a kid's mind. if your parents never talk about sex, then it must be something so wrong and evil!
where the schools give kids the nitty gritty of anatomically correctness, parents should teach their kids that sex is natural, that their bodies are beautifull and perfectly ok.
then nakedness wouldn't be such a huge hoo-hah when some schmuck wants to put it on tele.
BoogieMonster (May 11, 2011, 17:52:48 PM):
On any other day I would agree with the above. But I'm feeling a bit contrary today, so I'm playing devil's advocate.

As one group has no right to impose it's restrictions on another. Is it not then true that no one group has the right to impose it's lack of restrictions on another?
BoogieMonster (May 11, 2011, 18:05:14 PM):
Prof Amanda Gouws of the department of political science at the University of Stellenbosch has said that news is serious business.

"Constant exposure to nudity lead to men viewing and treating women as mere sexual objects," says Gouws.

I'd like to see the facts supporting that though.... (wtf!!)
GCG (May 11, 2011, 18:37:53 PM):
ehm... no. i would imagine, at first, dudes would be horny as hell, then the nudity would get old. just like cleavage would have sent a victorian man into a frenzy (or an ankle), but now, it's like, meh, cleavage, whatever.
i daresay, that sheer clothes will become fashion at some point. then nudity, or mininal coverings will be normal. in nudist camps, it's considered rather rude to walk around with a stiffy. you are there to enjoy being naked, not to ogle. you are allso not allowed to have sex in the open where others can see you.
i wonder, these parents, they get in a huffy because there are boobies on e-tv. late night mind you. how about all the shows on national geographic where men and women alike cruize around starkers, with penis lifted away from the scrotum so that balls are nicely on display? and shots of same native climing a ladder, and you have a very nice upskirt shot.
it's bollocks.
they are upset, because these women on e-tv are beautifull. fuckable. and then their own flaws in their sex-lives (and own bodies) are exposed. their wives don't look like that. and the wives are pissed off, coz they can see the men drooling, and she is too lazy to get her fat ass off the couch for long enough to get out of the tracksuit and have her hair did.
it boils down, IMHO, to jealousy, and plain old hypocracy.
Mefiante (May 11, 2011, 18:41:50 PM):
“Imposing a lack of restrictions” is self-contradictory.



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