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BoogieMonster (May 11, 2011, 11:45:12 AM):
So I hear another Religious fervour is being whipped up about E-tv deciding to air the "Naked news", featuring (afaik completely) naked women reading the news. I would assume they only air this very late at night.

I would like to think I'm objective about this since I don't "have" any kind of broadcast TV at my house, so I couldn't care less either way...

Now, I get all upset when Christians whip up a stink about something like this based on them "being christian", and trying to impose their view on the rest of the country.... Some dude last night on 5fm I think, was saying sure, so a Christian organisation with about 5million members objects to this and demands it ceases. But then what about the other (thumbsuck)40 million people of the country? Should they just abide by the rules of a single group? Of course not. They claim it demeans women, which I think they're simply using as a "sounds pretty secular" argument to hide the real religious/puritanical motive.

However I like to think about stuff like this from 2 angles so... Is there a case to stop this on other grounds? Forget for a moment that there's been outright porn on E for years.... Is it a good idea to leave something like this on un-blockable public TV where your kids can view it? What if your kids had a TV in their room? What if you went out for an evening, and they're not toddlers, so you leave them alone? Do you care? Do you mind if someone else cares?

The DSTV thing that played out recently just made NO sense because people had to special order the channel and decoders can easily block it for minors. But in this case, is there a case?
st0nes (May 11, 2011, 12:05:57 PM):
You would have to persuade me that there is something inherently immoral about exposing parts of the human anatomy for me to sympathise with any argument for banning this. I'm sure the bible brigade will be able to point to some chapter and verse that will say showing boobies is anathema to the lord and a sure road to hell etc., but in a multicultural society no one culture has the right, without good, demonstrable reasons, to impose their taboos on anyone else.
GCG (May 11, 2011, 12:12:34 PM):
having been brought up in a very xtian house, i never even received the birds-and-bees talk from my folks. 'sheltered childhood' is an understatement.
in my mind, bring on the porn. at least, the etv porn, is very mild, and, in general, quite lovey and kissy-kissy. a lot of love going on. i wish i had been exposed to that kind of stuff when i was a youngster, would have opened my eyes to shit i had to learn the hard way when i left the nest.
and, really now, with access to the interwebs on fones, any kid with half a brain, has checked on downloaded pron. and the kind that demeams women right proper.
yes, the women on the naked news, is well, nekkid. so what of it? it's late at night, what is your kid doing up that night? if you are an attentive parent, they would be in bed. which brings me to a point: parents are too lazy too give attention to their offspring, and schmear them off on the tele, computer and xbox, then cant understand when they find an immense stash of pron on there. or give them R500, and drop them off at the mall. I blame parents. I really, really do. If you spend time with your kid, and so stuff right, then they will still look at pron, but will know the rights and wrongs, and be able to discern between pron, and actual, consentual. loving sex. legions of kids venture into the world, expecting their girlfriends to drop knickers at a thought, and be ready to spread 'em. because the pron on the interwebs shows, that is how women are. and then they blame their girlfriends, and call them 'frigid', because they are not tearing up the bedsheets at the boyfriend's complete ineptness. and so on and so forth.
for the xtians to be up in a frenzy. bitch please! i'm not sure on this, but there are a fair amount of doctrine that they dont follow, as in dudes not shaving or cutting their hair, not mixing fabrics, blah blah blah. and yet! a nekkid woman. omfg!
they are not in an uproar when it cleavage day, or miss sa where the boobies are all over. they dont freak out when they show tv programs where teenagers have sexual inuendo and seduce guys at random. even their beloved soapies have people hopping from bed to bed.
IMHO, boobies are awesome. i have no issue with a nice pair of tits on the tele. within context, ofcourse. and at the correct time. after 11pm, and it's fair game. deal with it.
i find nakedness beautifull and liberating. the more nakedness there is, the less inhibitions and self-esteem issues people will have. you cant hide behind your iphone and versace when you are starkers.
Faerie (May 11, 2011, 13:25:36 PM):
Well, personally, I find the whole concept tacky, but then, if I find it tacky, I wouldnt bother paying attention to it and therefore I wouldnt be watching it, not even once out of curiosity.

If you get off listening to the current affairs bulletin whilst ogling some chick with boobies, well, I'm pleased you're at home doing this then, and if you happen to be married, the wife might be pleased about it as well.

As for the kiddies, well, if they're up and about at 10pm or whatever "late night" means, then you're probably not doing the job quite as well as expected and if you feel you are, then you'll most likely have some way to explain to them what they're witnessing.

Hermes (May 11, 2011, 16:25:19 PM):
You would have to persuade me that there is something inherently immoral about exposing parts of the human anatomy for me to sympathise with any argument for banning this.
I agree. If children can see naked statues and paintings, why should they be barred from seeing nudity in electronic format?


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