Corporal Punishment

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GCG (November 02, 2011, 12:39:46 PM):
i have another problem with girls still being boxed into the 'secretary' niche. parents dont have dreams for their daughters. just be secretary, get married, then quit your job and have kids.
my boss told me, that i would make a good housewife. i was like, yeah, sure, if my husband is kak rich, and i can spend his money in Milan, and start an animal sanctuary in the back-yard.
he also told me, that he doesnt want his wife to work.
and a lot of parent have no expectations or ambition for their daughters. sons can be engineers, doctors.... girls, well, take typing so you can be some asshole's secretary and deal with his sexual harrassment untill you find a good man and make babies.
BoogieMonster (November 02, 2011, 13:27:57 PM):
Call me biased but all I'm reading in this thread is that it was not necessarily the physical punishment that left scars, but rather the attitude of adults wrt. the child. I can completely understand wanting to be heard and getting lashes instead. But it seems like there's a deeper problem here.

Perhaps that's why I don't mind it in retrospect... My parents didn't deal with emotional or relationship issues using a belt. Usually it was spared for the "X set fire to something" kind of transgression. I was heard in my house and I was encouraged to question (little did they know....).

It's not that I'm 'all for' beating kids left and right. I just think in the proper context, it's not always a bad idea. I've seen lots of vitriol but very little verifiable facts, perhaps because I have a bit of mistrust of the social sciences in general. Can we trust adults to always know the difference between a chastisement and a beating? Unfortunately no. But for years I haven't been able to shake the feeling that the corporal punishment debate has been skewed by what is PC and not really about what is fact.
Faerie (November 02, 2011, 14:04:21 PM):
You're right Boogie, the thread is skewing towards interaction between adults and children instead of staying on the beaten track. No matter though, it will go where it needs to.

However, is it necessary to dish out lashes for homework not done? Hair not short enough or nails too long, or for being cheecky for that matter, my sons would have had hell (pun not intended) in their religious studies classes for pointing out the obvious.
BoogieMonster (November 02, 2011, 14:19:38 PM):
is it necessary to dish out lashes for homework not done? Hair not short enough or nails too long

No. Not according to me, in fact the whole conformity thing in SA schools makes me a bit queasy. Why do you care if my hair is 2mm longer than the arbitrary measure you've set? And seriously, LEAVE THE SHORT SKIRTS ALONE! They are not evil, they're just, appreciated. ;D

ps. Talking as my 16yo self here, in case anyone is calling the cops.
Lilli (November 02, 2011, 14:51:33 PM):
Most people in our country are members of one or other of the Christian Churches and use the Bible as a guideline in their daily lives but the government choose to ignore the explicit instructions about the use of corporal punishment.

We also live in a country where we have a constitutional right to freedom of religion, which kind-of implies that our government shouldn't be allowed to make any sort of statements on what the government as a whole believes or doesn't, at the risk of sounding like they're discriminating against someone who believes differently. (I would also like to know what this statement is based on? Do we actually know that the majority of South Africans associate with some or other christian church?) Also, I don't know the bible that well, but I remember that verse about throwing rocks at kids... I don't recall the verse in the bible that tells people to hit their kids with a strap or a stick?
This magnificent teaching aid should be brought back but should be regulated by appointing one person of good character and moral standing to each school to do the necessary.
Again, has anyone proven that corporal punishment is in fact a 'magnificent teaching aid'? My opinion: it teaches violence and dominance, and by hitting a child all you teach him is that if something irritates him/her when they're all growed up - just beat the crap out of it and it'll go away. What an awesome life lesson. Again - I vomit.


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