Corporal Punishment

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Faerie (November 02, 2011, 15:23:53 PM):
is it necessary to dish out lashes for homework not done? Hair not short enough or nails too long

No. Not according to me, in fact the whole conformity thing in SA schools makes me a bit queasy. Why do you care if my hair is 2mm longer than the arbitrary measure you've set? And seriously, LEAVE THE SHORT SKIRTS ALONE! They are not evil, they're just, appreciated. ;D

ps. Talking as my 16yo self here, in case anyone is calling the cops.

Sheesh Boogie, in my day we had school issued panties, with a zip on the side of the skirt so that they could check that you were wearing the right one and not an satanic-evil one instead. I recall in my Std 6 year, the blasted zip got stuck and I (in all innocence at that age) approached a male teacher to help me fix it, it caused a lot of embarrasment all around and I got shouted at for asking help, confused the shit out of me. They eventually swopped the skirts for dresses because we used to roll them up at the waist to make them shorter (or longer if the situation demanded).

They even monitored the way we folded our socks down, folded down once only was the requirement, and simply because it was stated in the school rule book, we took extra measures to see how many times we could fold it down in order to show our ankles...
GCG (November 02, 2011, 15:48:58 PM):
oh ye gods. school rules. i had forgotten about them.
when i was in school, the black kiddies were 'allowed' in white schools. they weren't allowed to braid their hair or wear weaves or extentions, which i thought was complete bullshit.
schools need to calm their tits.
Mefiante (November 02, 2011, 20:46:26 PM):
… instead of staying on the beaten track.
Given this thread’s theme and title, was that deliberate? ;)

Faerie (November 03, 2011, 06:53:27 AM):
… instead of staying on the beaten track.
Given this thread’s theme and title, was that deliberate? ;)


ingwe (November 03, 2011, 14:14:55 PM):
This thread has been playing on my mind, so I might as well get these thoughts out.
I was sent to a strict Catholic boys’ boarding school. The boarders lived in large dormitories with up to 50 of us per dorm. There were rows of beds and steel cabinets with no possibility of privacy. As boarders we were allowed out one weekend per term, parents could visit twice per term on specified days; our entire lives were bound up in rules and the clock! Failure to follow the rules usually resulted in either being caned or beaten with the strap. There were rules for these beatings and six was the maximum number given. Being a boarder meant that not only were we subjected to the academic and school discipline but also that of the boarding department. I believe my record was around 20 cuts (cane) in a week. My backend looked and felt like a sheet of corrugated steel! Most of the lay teachers were more inclined to add extra work than to resort to the cane or strap and we hated it.
I would always take a beating rather than the hassle of writing an extra essay or maths sheet. This was the general trend especially amongst the boarders. I do not believe that I ever saw one of the brothers deliver a beating in anger. I know I pushed the one Spanish brother into hitting me with his fist by describing Catholicism and soccer as the major scourges of the underdeveloped nations but that was an exception. I left school after completing matric in 1964 and did not believe that I had been subjected to anything out of the ordinary.
When my children, who came late in my life, were at school (private church) there was no corporal punishment and I do not think I would have allowed it in spite of my experiences. What did blow my mind were the numbers of kids on drugs for ADD?. The teachers in the one primary school would call parents in and tell them to take their kids to see the local specialist so the Ritalin could be prescribed. In some classes more than 50% of the kids were being treated! This I questioned as being a greater abuse than corporal punishment (different thread!).
I would not back this form of punishment today but I do not believe that it was a negative in my development.


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