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thrift (November 29, 2010, 22:36:35 PM):
Although being single has given me time to read & think, I am becoming way too isolated. But as most of you can identify with, finding like-minded companions isn't easy.
Now I've taken the bold step of joining a dating site. OMG! I haven't dated for a long time, and was never very good at it. Always was a bit of an all-or-nothing gal...
Wish me luck in my search for clever, entertaining free-thinking friends (like you skeptical folks, just closer)!
Faerie (November 30, 2010, 07:29:00 AM):
OMG... you're in for some fun! Did the internet dating thing a couple years ago, and my word, there are some really strange characters out there! Dont take it too seriously though, and go with the attitude of meeting people and not a partner per se.

I made some really good friends on the dating site, and I really got some fun (weird) stories to tell about the various dates I went on as well.

I'm sure I dont have to caution you about keeping safe though. I always made sure that I named the venue, and it was always the same little restaurant, I made friends with the manager and he always came around a couple times to check whether I was comfortable, fortunately he only had to remove my "date" once (turned out to be a bit of a hardcore racist/sexist maniac - he went off at the (black) waiter and then at the (black) couple that sat down at the table next to us. Idjit.

I'm very thankful I dont have the need to look for a partner anymore, and VERY thankful for my wonderful S/O (the good ones still exist and they are out there, perserverance!)

Good luck and have fun!
Hermione (November 30, 2010, 11:47:56 AM):
I found my S/O on the internet 5 yrs ago. It's a great way to meet new people, but you have to keep an open mind..
Lilli (December 02, 2010, 10:58:45 AM):
Yeah... I'm not convinced that 'meeting' people over the internet (especially if 'dating' is the goal) is such a good idea. I 'met' my ex-boyfriend over the net, chatted a lot before we met in person (at a public place etc), to the point where I thought I knew this guy pretty well. Getting to know him in person though - turns out he was a bit of a freak. (and that's me being very nice) Problem is - a person can be whoever they like when they're sitting behind a computer screen. They have time to think about what they're going to say (type) before they say it. They have no body language or facial expression to go on. Not a reliable way of getting to know people in my opinion.
But I suppose it can be a platform for meeting people. I would just be prepared to meet a lot of assholes if I were you. Hope you meet some non-assholes too. ;)
thrift (December 02, 2010, 21:55:40 PM):
Thanks for the warnings, it's good to be reminded that lonely people are often crazy - for one reason or another...
I don't expect many dates since I'm out in the sticks but perhaps that's good - the distance may put off the crazies!
I'll keep you posted on my progress.
(Don't hold your breath now!)


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