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Rigil Kent (January 24, 2009, 12:40:01 PM):
Usualy when there are better things to do, I like to go out and visit our local public library on Saturday mornings. With none of the commercialism of shopping centres, and that warm, organic smell from the well thumbed books lining the walls, it makes for a friendly haven for any domestic fugitive.

This morning my better half had a particularly cruel task lined up for me, involving heavy lifting. So I tried to extend my little stay at the library by gathering some pointless data.

So here I proudly present the literary preferences of Eastern Cape townsfolk. Well, not quite. The number next to each quasirandomly selected title simply represents the amount of times that it was checked out of the library since the year 2000, unless otherwise stated:

000 General
The second alternative book of records 7
Strange and odd 5
Kan dit waar wees? 23
Beyond the light barrier 13
Library alive 1
Readers Digest book of facts 21

100 Philosophy
The great philosophers 3
An introduction to philosophy 16
LILA, and inquiry into morals 3
The human difference 8
Music of the mind 36
Reincarnation: fact or fable? 22

130 Paranormal phenomena
Nostradamus 15
The book of predictions 25
The book of the Zodiac 72
Uri Geller: My story 13
Visions of the future 24
Teach yourself post modernism 8

150 Psycology
History and system of psycology 8
Sielkunde 13
Individual in society 19
Achieve personal growth 61
The mind map book 56

200 Religion
The physics of imortality 24
Kom ons doen Bybelstudie 69
Archaeology of the Bible lands 8
The heritage of the first Christians 33
Dialogue with God 29
Are those the words of Jesus? 38

500 Science
The language of mathematics 20
The golden ratio 7 since 2006
The demon haunted world 15
Darwin and the Beagle 2
A short history of nearly everything 16 since 2005
Complexity 5
Great unsolved mysteries of science 13

520 Astronomy
Die groot gedagte 22 since 2002
Ons Suiderhemel 27
The unfolding universe 18 since 2003
Teach yourself cosmology 20 since 2005
The origin of the universe 10
Blinded by the light 10


sadrok (January 24, 2009, 14:09:09 PM):
Woah! The Demon Haunted World is available in your local library?! How (even more) backwards my local library seems now. It has flim in the science section and woo-woo in the philosophy section. And the last time I looked for some more well-known philosophers' books (like Hume, Russell, Jung, Kant, etc) all I got was one book about René Descartes philosophy and his proof of God.
Tweefo (January 24, 2009, 14:17:29 PM):
It is sad that the Demon Haunted World got 3 hits but the likes of Uri Geller (13) and the Zodiac (72)hits. If the platteland can be measured by this then it is a woo-woo world. I live in the platteland (Middelburg Mp) as well and going by our local paper we are far gone.
sadrok (January 24, 2009, 15:21:28 PM):
It is sad, yes. But I'm not surprised at all. Maybe I'm just a cynic:P
Mefiante (January 24, 2009, 19:41:35 PM):
Very interesting exercise, this – one of those “what does it really mean” assignments.

If the book Die Groot Gedagte is by author Gideon Joubert then it should be filed under “religion” or “apologetics,” not “astronomy.” Joubert is a thoroughgoing Intelligent Design proponent and his book is a mouthpiece for many of his religious ideas.

Robert Pirsig’s Lila – An Inquiry Into Morals is something of a surprise. This book is a rare delight for the discerning reader, but the real surprise is that the library has it at all and that three readers even chose to take it out.



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