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st0nes (September 13, 2011, 12:19:30 PM):
I don't buy "skedonks".
Nope. You buy schedonques.
benguela (September 13, 2011, 13:04:18 PM):
I'm with BM, "buy one just out of motorplan". Bought my 2000 Subaru Forester in 2003 for cheap, still going strong, best car I've ever had. Being a weekend warrior adrenaline sports addict, I abuse it quite bit by driving on dirt roads most weekends.

Zulumoose (September 26, 2011, 13:40:09 PM):
I tend to buy a 'sensible' car fairly new and drive it as long as I feel it is reliable, maintaining it myself when out of warranty. I have limited options as I am required to use a car for work and there are conditions on the car allowance, technically I am not supposed to have a car older than 6 years or more than 200,000km.

My last 3 cars in order

Citigolf 1800 1995 model, 180,000km on clock when stolen, one fuel pump failure R60 and 5 minutes to replace. Engine and gearbox/clutch never opened.

Jetta 3 1600 1999 model, 302,000km on clock when traded in, one CV joint replaced, engine and gearbox/clutch never opened.

Polo 2006, 177,000km on clock currently, two wheel bearings replaced under warranty, engine/gearbox/clutch never opened. Average fuel consumption 6.8l/100km

I am likely to replace the polo with a new one in about 18 months - 2 years. I want a boot and a low price so may go Vivo classic, but the fuel consumption of the bluemotion is also tempting with the mileage I do, only available as hatchback.
GCG (September 26, 2011, 14:24:07 PM):
In an ideal world, i would buy a new car, with a service plan. but as of yet, i have not been 'ahem' wealthy enough to do just that.
every vehicle i have driven, was bought by parentals, or hand-me-down from parentals/family.
currently driving a honda balade. she goes and goes. lovely car. blixemed into house after the mechanic 'adjusted' the handbrake. my ass.
now, i am looking to pimp her. saw some really nice headlights. need new tyres. might invest in some new seats. the exhaust is reminiscent of the cape flats.
so very torn between what needs love first.
i will drive her untill she falls apart. or, i might just leave her to rest under the carport, and get a scooter to go where i need to be (since i need only to get to the gautrain station right now), and leave her for the longer trips.
i want to (if i dont murder him before then) make my s/o's mum an offer for her mini cooper in time. she doesnt drive much. and i looooove the mini cooper.
Brian (September 27, 2011, 07:22:36 AM):
Bought my LR Defender 130 new in 1998. It now has 540000 kms on the clock and I'm in the process of replacing the engine. No other hassles. Still in original shape and it has travelled far and wide in darkest Africa...Serengeti etc. Will keep it until I hit 1 million k's. I also have a T-bird 5l V8 1980 classic car that is in full running shape. It is of interest to know that spares for this car are easily obtainable from the shelf in most cases but if I need to import something like the V-belts, Ford have the car's VIN number in the US and within 10 days I have the part. Also, in 1980 the car was built for unleaded fuel!


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