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squeekazoid (May 31, 2010, 05:42:04 AM):
world energy research spam is an organization that promotes and explores the development of prospects in the field of energy. Traditionally, the demand for energy was met with fossil fuels. But the decreasing supply and the rising prices of these have been a cause of concern for many. To fulfill the rising demands of energy, the world is gradually shifting towards clean energy.

Clean energy has become a favored option by many, especially the environmentalists. This is because such kind of energy does not lead to environmental pollution and helps in conserving the earth. This is in contrast to the fossil fuels that emit harmful gases on combustion.

Many investors have come forward to invest in this sector. In 2008, the total energy investments have gone to 155 billion dollars. Besides the high returns, it is the only sector which remains unaffected by the recession. These investors are well assisted by the World Energy Research in finding those areas that need to be developed and which can prove to be advantageous.
Mandarb (May 31, 2010, 10:22:09 AM):
Ah, was wondering why the 4th word is spam. I agree BlueGrayV, spam unless he makes a follow up post giving us better reasons to think it's not.
Watookal (May 31, 2010, 13:11:17 PM):
Did you say spam or scam
StevoMuso (June 01, 2010, 00:34:44 AM):
Looks a bit like a troll post to me ???
Lilli (June 03, 2010, 15:13:50 PM):
Not sure if troll post is the terminology I would use, but I do agree that the post does not seem to be asking any interesting questions, telling any of us something we don't already know, or make some sort of controversial statement that people here are likely to respond to. But it is an interesting debate in certain circles - how clean is 'clean energy'? Bunny Hugger greenies (as I am also often called, to my disgust) have a tendency to miss the big picture all too often, because 'being green' is such a buzzword, and everybody just wants to keep up with the Jones' so to speak. Fact remains that buying a solar panel, for example, designed with sub-standard technology, and then buying another one 2 years from now when technology has improved, is not good for the environment at all. Sure, you may be able to see return on investment within a few months to a year (because you're not paying Eskom anymore) but who pays for putting up the factories that manufacture the panels and all their various components. Who regulates the mining of the minerals the components are made of?
And another thing: I work within the mining industry quite often, and big mining companies are spending millions and very proud of themselves because they are becoming less and less reliant on coal-based power sources such as the electricity that Eskom provides. This is published in all sorts of newspapers and the public thinks 'wow', but what the public doesn't know is, these companies have simply exchanged their Eskom power for Diesel-Generators, quite defeating the purpose of sustainable energy solutions. The picture is a lot bigger than we often take into account.


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