how hard can this be?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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GCG (October 14, 2010, 11:26:36 AM):
as much as i love this country, the inability to ANYTHING i want in the shops!!
i'm trying to find a blank american football shirt for my sleepsel, which i want printed for him. and so help me, not ONE shop in our country can help me!!!!
any ideas fellas?
cyghost (October 14, 2010, 13:19:21 PM):
We only do rugby here...

surely a nice WP or Stormers jersey would do the trick? :D
Faerie (October 14, 2010, 13:26:55 PM):
Have you tried the sports shops? There are American football clubs in the south and they get their shirts from somewhere?
GCG (October 14, 2010, 13:44:02 PM):
sports shops firstly dont know what im talking about, and want to sell me soccer shirts.
but ja, i will google clubs and see what it comes up with.
otherwise im going to have buy it from some dude in pakistan...
GCG (October 14, 2010, 13:55:07 PM):
no american football clubs in south that i can find.
gonna try ebay as well.


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