I'm despondent

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st0nes (October 28, 2011, 11:53:36 AM):
Has he considered doing a vanilla B.Comm. first? After that he could do a short cut postgrad course to get his CA.
Lilli (October 28, 2011, 12:01:27 PM):
For what it's worth, I studied at TUKS and it was pretty good (compared to high school, especially - I really didn't like high school). I'm currently studying through UNISA (and working full time) which is a crap idea. And in my opinion would be even more crap if it was my only experience of tertiary education. No interaction with fellow students. Administrative nightmares. No classes etc (so the theory of 'pay attention in class and the exams are so much easier', which worked for me at Tuks, doesn't apply). My brother's wife also studied through UNISA, full time (not working) and it took her 5 years to complete her LLB (but thats a whole other story)
If UNISA turns out to be the way to go, I strongly suggest classes at Varsity College or somewhere - my housemate studies there (transport economics) and it really helps him to attend the accounting classes.
Also, don't be despondent about it - I didn't get into the course I wanted to with my matric marks either, so applied to study something else with similar subjects, and then after my first semester I had done well enough to convert (no money wasted, no time lost).
Good luck!
Faerie (October 28, 2011, 12:03:09 PM):
Has he considered doing a vanilla B.Comm. first? After that he could do a short cut postgrad course to get his CA.

Yes, but by the time they declined our initial applications, the deadline has passed, so we're out of luck for next year with the Varsities at least. It is also the reason we're now looking at IT instead of accounting/finance. Hell, I'll be happy with anything legit coming our way at this point of time actually. I'm open to suggestions and opportunities though, shame, the kid as well, he even went to the local Mechanic to ask for an apprenticeship.
Sayman (October 29, 2011, 22:10:53 PM):
Hi Faerie!

I generally only lurk around here, and very rarely feel the need to post anything. However your thread has struck a chord with me because I was in the same position as your son. I also hail from the same area as you guys, and know the schools and types of people there well. In short I sympathise ;D. In all likelihood a secretary took one look at your application and threw it in the bin. It’s their job and we understand, good for them, but we DO NOT have to except that >:D.

I applied to go to Wits a mere 4 years ago; the rules haven’t changed at all and entrance requirements are the same, meaning there’s a time limit on applications and blah blah blah. These “rules” did not stop me from barging in there in the middle of January to apply. I still got in that year; all it took was the will to do so. I urge your son not to give up, at least not until he has gotten thrown out by security.

The Faculty Dean has the power to enrol you anytime before the start of the courses even by only 1 day. Let your son go to him/her mano-a-mano. It is imperative that he go alone. Your presence there will only confirm to them that this is your choice not his, understandable, a mother wants only the best for her son.

Of course I’m assuming your son has the determination to do this, and pull through years of hard work. But in our country and in this climate can he afford not to? Please don’t be despondent, it’s still waaayyyy to early in the fight! You still have LOTS of time!
Faerie (January 10, 2012, 13:45:54 PM):
Just got notification, my son's been accepted this morning at the Belgium Campus ITversity in Pretoria for a degree course in IT. http://www.belgiumcampus.ac.za/

He scored quite well in the aptitude tests and they're happy to have him start classes later this month. He'll just have to swallow the religious undertones and wear the prep-school uniform they require him to wear....


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