Neighbours can be assholes

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GCG (July 06, 2011, 16:14:09 PM):
I rent. And I have the most remote cottage on the property. The neighbour to my north, has a 6 foot wall, with an electric fence on top of it. AND a fence next to the wall as well, that curves around the wall to his side.
He doesn't maintain the thing. The weeds grow waist high inbetween the fence and the wall. So my landlord sprays it with weed killer, and they droop and die, and make the fence arc all over the show.
The wires he used to put up the isolater thingies, are rusting, and that causes the fence to arc too.
His cannas grow over the wall, dies, droops over the fence. Rinse and repeat.
I had my landlord phone him to make a plan.
I left him my businesscard, asking him to call me, which he did. I explained the problem. Nothing got done.

Now, I sleep with a pillow over my head, since the sound of electricity snapping all night long, is annoying. I only have free tv, and the electric discharge from all the different spots that arc, has made watching the tellie impossible. Havent even bothered to put it on for three months.

now, how do i approach this douche, and if he still does nothing, what are my rights as a neighbour.

and how have you dealt with an asshole neighbour, or his kids?
Faerie (July 07, 2011, 07:24:16 AM):
Eish, neighbours from hell... Aside from nagging the landlord to sort out the problems, I dont have advice for you. I think everybody has a horror story about neighbours, I've lived next to an alcoholic who took great pleasure in beating his wife and kid every weekend, that was probably the worst one. Aside from calling the cops and getting to be on first name basis with them, it didnt help, I eventually moved. I've had animal problems with neighbours too, and regularly took dogs to the SPCA, only to have them harassing the neighbourhood again a few days later.

Mandarb (July 07, 2011, 10:21:59 AM):
Not the best idea, but this is the pissed off version of me. Get a insulated set of wire cutters and snip them. He probably won't notice. To be even nastier, find out what would trip his breakers, probably just a piece of metal that is too heavy to be moved when it shorts.
GCG (July 07, 2011, 10:32:53 AM):
mandard, do elaborate..... he has a generator, but maybe if his fence trips the box enough times, he will lift his ass.
BoogieMonster (July 07, 2011, 10:41:07 AM):
I doubt you could get the fence to trip his power, an elec-fence auto-trips about once a second, hence the regular spark noise. It has built-in stuff to prevent shorts, etc. from causing problems. BUT if it gets upset enough it may sound an alarm and/or stop functioning (it'll still try to energise the fence about once a sec and fail every time, some may start beeping loudly at this point).

Personally I'd have a go at grounding (to a steel pole or something) the noisy wire (at night you should easily be able to spot the spark), so the path of least resistance isn't through the gap of air. This would require proper high-tension insulating rubber gloves, and something that conducts. But it wouldn't look like an accident, so you may have to be inventive.


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