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Faerie (May 31, 2011, 07:15:14 AM):
@BoogieMonster - My S/O (also a programmer and very "into" it from a young age), basically said the same thing last night, and was wholly unimpressed with this achievement. Which just go to show, anything can appear impressive if you're ignorant of the workings thereof.
Mefiante (May 31, 2011, 09:48:49 AM):
It’s almost an instance of Clarke’s third law.

If this young man worked out a novel signal processing technique that enables better speech recognition and then programmed it then that would be a remarkable and noteworthy accomplishment. This would require a deep understanding of several areas of mathematics and physics (and possibly engineering too) that it would be astonishing to find a 15 year old having mastered. It seems more likely that he cobbled together bits of off-the-shelf code using a rapid application development (RAD) suite and eventually hit on a configuration that works for his case. AFAIK, speech recognition is still at the point where one must first “train” the software to recognise a limited set of commands for specific users, and complex grammatical constructs are still beyond its capabilities.

As for programming, the (almost) lost art of Assembler is frowned upon as no longer relevant from many quarters. This, I think, is debatable. When writing fast, robust, numerically intensive solution engines for scientific or engineering applications, one can of course do this in a high-level language but the programmer has a significant advantage if s/he knows what the compiled code looks like at the CPU’s level. Compilers often blindly add bits of library code that the programmer may not even be aware of and that are unnecessary for the code in question. Also, CPU-specific optimisations, like effective multi-pipelining of concurrent instruction streams or instruction set extensions, are often lacking even from the best compilers. It comes down to an understanding of what the code does at the CPU level, which understanding can help in eliminating a host of problems and inefficiencies before they occur.

bluegray (May 31, 2011, 16:49:36 PM):
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Faerie (July 09, 2016, 14:11:39 PM):
It took five years since I started this thread, but all the mommy-guilt and parental envy I have experienced whilst my kids were growing up melted away with a single phone call from my now 24 year old eldest son...

"Ma, I called to say thank you.
Thank you for listening to me, thank you for being there for me. Thank you for helping and advising and telling me what to do and what to say when I dont know how or what. I wouldnt have been able to do anything without you."

All I did to bring this on was to advise him yesterday morning to call the bank as money was being deducted from his account, it turned out to be a case of card skimming and it was managed accordingly and his money is being refunded.

I did pretty much ok as a single atheist mom trying her best. My boys turned out spectacular.

brianvds (July 09, 2016, 16:51:18 PM):
You should have told him "It was all just through the grace of God," and then sat back and watched his jaw drop. :-)


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