Poll pedanticism: The "should James' head be on a pole" poll.


AcinonyxScepticus (October 08, 2008, 16:21:18 PM):
Refering to the ongoing discussion here, should James' head be on a pole. This poll will decide!
AcinonyxScepticus (October 08, 2008, 16:27:11 PM):
And, for the record, that should be "pedantry" not "pedanticism". :o

Own pedantry FAIL. LOL
Bullitt (October 08, 2008, 16:46:13 PM):
We would not be so pedantic if the site weren't so good.
Mefiante (October 08, 2008, 21:06:33 PM):
Hey, no fair voting on your own poll, see? Even if it is the least favoured option.

AcinonyxScepticus (October 08, 2008, 23:31:09 PM):
How do you know I didn't vote for all of the options, after all it is so poorly designed a respondent could easily do so?

Only Bullitt, who voted immediately after me, could tell you which way I voted. :-X

To guess which (one, two or three) of the options I selected in my response when three votes had been cast, and with there being at least one vote for each option, is only a 1 in 7 chance that you are right. ;)

Whacky James


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