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brianvds (August 15, 2018, 06:29:03 AM):
In Sweden it is now almost law to raise kids gender-neutral. It will be interesting to see whether biology will assert itself anyway, and whether these kids are going to end up with major issues. Then again, having "issues" is now also kind of normal, and you're considered weird if you don't... :-)
brianvds (March 25, 2019, 16:20:48 PM):
Did the thing on Paypal's end a week ago.

'the thing' being you linked your card?
There are several layers of verification:
1. You have to link, and then verify the card you linked ON PAYPAL
2. You have to link, and re-verify the paypal account linking ON FNB

You must access your FNB account's transaction history to see the verification deduction. That transaction itself contains the code. By the time it appears on statements it will be too late as it must be done within a few days. You are likely past that and will have to redo.

Trust me on this one, this code-linking is instantaneous, and you can transact immediately.

But during the holding process, the cheerful little voice that twitters FNB propaganda in your ear mentions that a transaction can take up to eight working days to reflect in a bank statement. So it's possible that I should actually just wait a few more days, which is what I'll do.
That's the actual forex transaction, not the linking, 2 different things

If I am stating the seemingly obvious, it is because the whole bloody thing is the most confusing process I ever went through, I don't mean to insult your intelligence! Even FNB's snarky little 'Paypal leaflet' (PDF) gets it spectacularly wrong. According to them, you create and verify your account, and then register for your FNB profile..... The F3ck?!?!

And so my FNB saga continues. Some time ago I sold some stuff online and people paid via PayPal. I get a message from PayPal: the funds cannot stay with them, and I cannot use it to buy anything online either. It has to be withdrawn.

But the good news is, FNB now had a new service: if you have an FNB banking profile, you can link it to any other South African bank, and then PayPal can pay your funds into the bank account via FNB. Sounds simple, and even the fees involved in the transfer are minor.

But go try finding out how to link your FNB banking profile to your bank account, e.g. Standard Bank. There is simply no way to do it. I await FNB's assistance with trepidation...
brianvds (March 28, 2019, 10:23:56 AM):
And the next installment. Everyone is no doubt sick of it, but I'm going to vent.

Unable to get any service out of either PayPal or FNB online, I went to the local FNB branch. The manager is friendly and tries his best, but his advice has thus far come to nothing.

Turns out I need to link my Standard Bank account to PayPal. Then I can link the Standard account to FNB, after which I can receive funds from PayPal via FNB. Except there is no way to link a non-U.S. bank account to PayPal, at least none that I can see on their website. One cannot ask them either, because their feedback form is limited to 100 characters, which are too few to explain the whole problem.

My impression is that I will need a Standard bank credit card account, but I don't know. So next I'll have to go stand in Standard bank's almost endless queues to find out.

All of this to receive a paltry $35 in funds. It tempts me to simply delete my PayPal account and get it over with, but it might come in handy in future - if I can get it to function.
BoogieMonster (March 28, 2019, 10:34:20 AM):
And the next installment. Everyone is no doubt sick of it, but I'm going to vent.

Banking in this country can be completely and understandably irksome. Go ahead.

When I get any half-decent service in this country it's usually more of a case of being utterly flabbergasted by something that actually works.
brianvds (April 01, 2019, 10:36:14 AM):
The saga continues. The friendly bank manager gave me the number for FNB's PayPal-related call center. He insists that there is a way to link my Standard Bank account to PayPal, and that the folks at the call center will happily take me through the steps on PayPal's website (I can see now way to do it there).

Well, good luck with the call center. Just spent almost half an hour on hold, listening to inane music, FNB advertisements, and continued assurances that my call is important and the next consultant will be with me shortly. Then I just got summarily cut off. (And I'm not sure it's even a free number either).

Next step: do what the bank manager suggested: take in my laptop to the bank, where he will show me the steps I need to take. Or so he promised. I am in ever greater temptation to just let it go and accept that if you live in South Africa, you basically do not have access to PayPal.


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