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Faerie (August 10, 2010, 10:45:20 AM):
aught to be good for the gander, but we know it doesnt work that way in real life...

Joost, Amor 'not speaking'
2010-08-10 09:26

Johannesburg - "All hell has broken loose" between the former Springbok Joost van der Westhuizen and his estranged wife, singer Amor Vittone, according to a source.

The ill feeling between the two of them is so serious that Van der Westhuizen has not seen his two children, Jordan, 6, and Kylie, 4, in more than a week.

"All hell has broken loose between them," said the source close to the couple.

In further developments, it was confirmed to Beeld on Monday that the mysterious third person associated with the divorce is a man who is allegedly being linked to Vittone.

Despite speculation over the weekend that Vittone was interested in one or more South African singers, it was confirmed on Monday that the man is not a South African.

"He is a foreigner but not an Italian."

Vittone's parents were Italian.

Joost 'worried'

Until very recently, when there was still talk about the couple saving their marriage, Van der Westhuizen had taken his two children to school every day and fetched them again in the afternoons.

He is apparently no longer doing this. He is also not going near the couple's upmarket house in Dainfern Valley in Johannesburg.

He and Vittone are not speaking. He contacts his children by SMS.

Van der Westhuizen is still staying with a friend after leaving the house in May.

His lawyer, Robert Klikenberg, did not want to confirm or deny the information revealed by the source.

"I can confirm that a third party was mentioned in the court documents. Joost is very worried about his children and the fact that he is currently not seeing them."

He said discussions would continue this week with a view towards a settlement.

- Beeld

So I'm having this cynical chuckle, she was all forgiving of him frolicking naked with powder and strippers on video... but woe her seeking a sympathetic shoulder to cry on.

Why do people even bother to try patch things up when its gotten to this point? Aside from the religious idiots wanting to stay married because of an oath, if either partner goes walkies then there is very obviously something wrong with the relationship, and if it wasnt sorted out before the said walkies, then its unlikely to be sorted out after.....

Opinions? Anybody here go through such a period and stayed (happily?) married? I didnt, and had in retrospect an extremely successful divorce (as opposed to a failed marriage).

Brian (August 10, 2010, 11:14:59 AM):
As far as I know a leopard, male or female don't change their spots...both had similar stories before even getting together. Soort soek soort. Generaal Kamp Staaldraad se draad word nou getrek!
GCG (August 10, 2010, 11:56:39 AM):
i firmly believe in every partner having their own circle of friends, to whom they can bemoan to. if, however, it reaches a stage where your friends receive more me-time than your partner, then the bus has departed.

and yes, the equalities regarding the sexes are alive and kicking.
when i was in the birthing stages of my divorce, my mum told me, that i shouldnt hang out with any men. because it would hurt my cause. problem is, im bisexual, so then i cant hang out with women either. should i just then stay at home?
even men who are players, get the nod from peers, and acceptance from society in general.
women who are players, are sluts, whores, cheap, easy, etc, etc.
men who are go-getters in the business world, are ambitious.
women are ball breaking bitches.

so how far have we evolved from the frau-frau staying at home and squeezing out babies?

not far, i say. gender equality is even more far off than racial equality, and more people will tut-tut at you for being racist, than being sexist.
Brian (August 10, 2010, 14:36:42 PM):
you're right GCG, and in woo woo societies it's even worse: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fcnn.com%2F2010%2FWORLD%2Fasiapcf%2F08%2F09%2Fafghanistan.woman.killed%2Findex.html&h=fc0be
Brian (August 10, 2010, 14:53:48 PM):
Flippen sub-humans >:(......so much for mercy, forgiveness and compassion, may the talibananas all suffer excruciating pain as their guts are ripped out by slow burning suicide bombs!


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