What's the best smart phone?

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BoogieMonster (December 14, 2009, 15:48:32 PM):
I have a HTC Touch HD. It's a pricy phone but so far I haven't found definite "problems" with it.

Annoyances include:
Non-universal usb cable. Can it be that hard to put a standard mini-usb connector on the phone instead of your own custom special-special one?
I've had highly infrequent crashing. Not enough to really bother me.
Lack of tactile keypad makes texting a bit more cumbersome, you HAVE to look at the keypad to text. (read: No way I'm texting with this while driving, not that I should, but if you are inclined to do so, don't get this phone)
Had to install a 3rd party app to stop it from trying to automatically connect to HSDPA/GPRS/etc, whenever IT sees fit. Without the app the phone just assumes data is cheap for you and uses as much as it desires to get weather updates, for browsing, etc. Enabling WiFi does make it use that for data, if wifi can be found. If it LOSES wifi, hello intsa-connect and high bills, hence the app to stop it from doing that.

Opera browser + touch interface works quite well.
HUGE, high-res screen + wifi = youtube anywhere in the house, and it's great for viewing photo's.
Came with 8gb micro-SD.
GPS unit, coupled with google's mobile maps on this thing works like a charm (although it uses some bandwidth to load the maps)
Windows CE (I hate MS): but I have to admit there's lots of apps out there for it.

GCG (December 18, 2009, 20:34:12 PM):
i had recently racked my brain trying to find a phone worthy of my time.
i needed a decent camera, fm radio, since my car radio is deceased, i needed to access the interwebs, use my phone as a modem....etc etc.
I looked at the HTC dream, but my mate who imports phones from dubai, said to keep away, since the after sales support is dismal, and its got bugs all over. i did like the kwerty keyboard.
i have fiddled with the blackberry, but the keyboard is like, greek, and the touch-screen is too sensitive too my liking, if you dont keep it in its little pouch, you end up phoned kazakstan.
the iphone, to me, is a little greek, as to me, a phone should do only so many things, so all the gadgets and whatnot, make the phone slow after a while, and you keep on getting into wrong menus when u trying to get somehing done.
i previously had the nokia n78. great phone, kak buttons, i mean, KAK buttons. it works like a dream, have a windows OS. just those goddamn buttons. i stopped mxit cause of those stupid buttons. oh, and its not temper tantrum-proof.
i settled on the sony erricson yari. i have allways been a quiet fan of erricson. the phone's got a 5mp camera, do video calling, awsum buttons, slide function, nice big screen. the camera is just a little slow to work in my opinion. good reception. if that matters. easy menu lay-out, with options how you like it. the erricson c902 and c903 was allso high on my list. sturdy phones, believe me, they have to me with me around.
kevinconner75 (December 22, 2009, 16:12:09 PM):
In my opinion there are two phones. Nokia 6600, and Nokia 6630. But none of them are now available in market.


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