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BoogieMonster (December 05, 2011, 17:04:34 PM):
You have piqued my interest, so I uh, acquired, the 48 laws book and read through the 1st rule.

Firstly, I like how the book is structured. Easily digestible bits that can be studied and applied as the need/interest arises.

Secondly, He really piques my interest by describing "human politics" more like a hack than general backstabbery (which it is).

But one has to admit one has to do a fair amount of rationalization that all this is "ok" to be doing. At the end of the day it's a manual for stepping on other people. The argument of course being that this is necessary to avoid being stepped on yourself. No matter how you slice it, it does delve head-deep into moral grey areas, which is interesting to say the least, since there are people out there doing it and being able to spot the "players" could be invaluable. I find it fascinating.

It once again highlights aspects of the world one can explore much more thoroughly lacking a omnipotent being to supervise. But it also exposes the dark subject matter of human nature. A place a lot of people would be squeamish to go.

ps. It's not lost on me, the way I started this post, that I should not be one to make moral judgements.
Superman (December 05, 2011, 21:41:31 PM):
Hope that you were able to acquire the full version and not just the concise one. Greene’s style of writing is so lucid that it is easy to read and very enjoyable. His book’s on power, war and seduction is substantial, so much more to benefit from.
I researched some of the reviews of his books on the internet. I found it very amusing when seeing a description on wiki calling his books, ‘an amoral look at how to manipulate social situations’. Whatever moral code you accept for your life, reality will be the judge in the end and reality can sting.
Yes the dark side of our nature is very interesting to contemplate. Even if I do entertain myself as being a tough guy, my benevolent nature unwillingly keeps coming out.


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