Aqua Salveo

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Lilli (October 08, 2010, 12:43:53 PM):
The ISO certification applies to the way in which they run their quality management system, and depending on the specifics of the certification does not necessarily have anything to do with the product doing what they say it does.
GCG (October 08, 2010, 12:53:46 PM):
I searched for them on the SABS site under their company name, and product name, nothing.
then i phoned the number on the aqua salveo site, it refers you to a cell number. i spoke to the woman, and she said their specification number is 1827.
i searched under that, and the only companies that came up are:
Permit No
6761/10031 Süd-Chemie SA (Pty) Ltd SANS 1827 / SABS 1827 (011) 929-5916
5370/10372 Ecolab (Pty) Ltd SANS 1827 / SABS 1827 (011) 393-5078
6932/10284 Improchem (Pty) Ltd SANS 1827 / SABS 1827 (031) 949-8200
7528/12082 Modderfontein Laboratory Services (Pty) Ltd SANS 1827 / SABS 1827 (011) 606-3408
7992/12740 VWS Envig (Pty) Ltd SANS 1827 / SABS 1827 (011) 974 8161
8049/12829 Radical Waters (Pty) Ltd SANS 1827 / SABS 1827 (011) 466-0610
8694/14396 Techniblend cc SANS 1827 / SABS 1827 (021) 887 7322

now maybe i did this all wrong... but none of these phone numbers corresponds with their number on site.

Mandarb (October 08, 2010, 13:05:07 PM):
Found this

Still searching for any research that says that zinc, silver and copper ions work. As far as I can tell, the dilution seems valid, you do the same for Iodine, a few drops per liter.

Thus far, the claims about purifying water has a 75% claim of being valid, but the rest about eczema and athletes foot is probably bullshit, probably no more help than normal water.

Will continue searching

GCG (October 08, 2010, 13:21:40 PM):
okay, seems legit then.
holy fuckin wow mandude, where the hell did you find this doc?
xavier (October 08, 2010, 13:43:53 PM):
Those three metals in low concentrations do have an antibacterial antifungal and antialgae functions. BUT 1, they take a long time to sterilise the water so where properly chlorinated water can be drunk or swimmed in within an hour. This water may need faaaaaar longer, possibly days or even weeks. BUT2 Human health is positively affected by these ions compared to their absence in TRACE levels of concentration, far less than needed for water sterilising. I know Silver at too high concentration or continued for too long periods of time can have negative impact google Colloidal Silver. I know Copper was a commonly used in pools as algaecide but not any more I seem to reacall continued exposure results in health problems.


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