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BoogieMonster (August 14, 2009, 15:50:57 PM):
All of them.
bluegray (August 14, 2009, 16:02:39 PM):
That would be any number that wasn't a winner last week :P
Mefiante (August 14, 2009, 17:42:01 PM):
The following table lists the probabilities associated with having at most n people sharing a birthday in a randomly chosen group of 96:

Max No. of People Sharing a Birthday Probability (%)
0.000 096
39.771 5
54.774 1
5.175 18
0.267 494
0.011 225
0.000 399

In this case, the probabilities add up to 100% because any given group of 96 can only fall into one of the categories, but note that it does not exclude, say, in the row labelled “4” three distinct occurrences of four people sharing a birthday.

As for Saturday’s Lotto numbers, I’ve been sworn to secrecy so I’m not telling, and this thread should immediately be moved to the Conspiracy Theories board. :P Nevertheless, you would do well to try a combination of seven numbers, each between 1 and 49, so that no number is repeated… ::)

My honest advice? Play Quick Picks only because they never repeat number combinations for a particular draw, and that’s countrywide. If you do then win the jackpot, it’s unlikely that someone else will have chosen the same combination of numbers so you won’t have to share the prize.

To think that any previous Lotto draw’s results can affect the present one is to commit the so-called “Gambler’s Fallacy”. It’s amazing how many people actually do just that. In fact, just about everyone with a Lotto “system” is guilty.



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