Humans vs, Robots in space

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Tweefo (June 19, 2008, 20:18:31 PM):
Let's liken space flight to the sea voyages. Sputnik, Gagarin, Apollo and all that was like Columbus, Da Gama and so on: Real voyages of discovery. The ISS is like a playboy's yacht. It goes out of the harbour, but not far. It does not do anything there but show off. The shuttle is like a cargo ship, but most of the time it is used to ferry replacement crews and refreshments to the yacht. Name one useful piece of science that came out of the ISS. Do we really have to know how boomerangs behave in micro gravity? Imagine all that energy and money spend on the ISS, spend on a space telescope. Hubble gave us real scientific pictures but on a scale this big we would have learned so much more.
Maybe, one day, humans will go to Mars but that day is far in the future. I think this idea will die a quit death once Bush is out. In the mean time the robots are out there doing real science. I rest my case


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